“Watchmen” – your take?

One of the biggest movies of the spring, “Watchmen,” opened this weekend. Did you go? If so, what did you think? If you’re staying away, why? I’m a “Watchmen” fan, having read the graphic novel, so I went in with high hopes. Thankfully, those hopes were met – and then some. I thought it looked amazing. They were super faithful to the book – to the point that I actually had deja vu a few times, like “Where have I seen this before?” and then realizing that what I was seeing on the screen mirrored what I had going in my head as I read the novel. That’s pretty rare, so I really appreciated that. There were definitely a few moments that just felt a little off, but they were few and far in between. As for the absent squid, I’m actually glad they didn’t even attempt that. I went back and glanced over my novel when I got home and realized there’s absolutely no way to bring that squid to life on the screen…it just wouldn’t work. Overall: yes, “Watchmen” is still the unfilmable graphic novel (there’s no way the entire novel can be put to screen) – but this was a very fine attempt to bring the essence of the story to film. I definitely want to see it again. What say ye, Scene Now readers?

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