We’re baaack…

Like a zombie hungry for your brains, the Scene Now blog is back from the dead.

We put a stop to this blog last summer, when the new Entertainment section of DJournal.com started up. We meant to incorporate this blog into the new Entertainment section. We had lots of plans. But like everything good and worth waiting for, the Entertainment section/site is a work in porgress.

So I (Sheena Barnett) am bringing back the Scene Now blog. One day we may move it to the Entertainment site. Or it may stay here. Or something. Whatever. For now, I need a place to put all of the entertainment extras that I run up on. I need a place to write music reviews (those are all for you, Spencer). I need a place to get your ideas on stories, your ideas on whatever’s happening out there.

So I’m back. Are you with me?

ps. I don’t really want to eat your brains. I just like zombies.

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