What a difference a column mug makes

For months now, folks have been telling me to get a new column mug since I’ve dropped 50 pounds. But I’ve been telling them, “Eh, I look the same. No sense in getting a new one.”

But a few weeks ago I asked the lovely DJ photog Deste Lee for a new mug. I didn’t look at it until just now, because it’s running in tomorrow’s paper with my column (about weight loss, actually).

I compared it to some of my old column mugs. I haven’t been able to “see” my weight loss – body image issues I guess? – until now. I never took a “before” picture, so I had nothing to compare an “in progress” picture with.

Holy cow, y’all. I’m kinda speechless.

I’m also very thankful this happened today, because I seriously considered giving up on this weight loss thing over the weekend.

Think about it: it took four months to drop 40 pounds. It has taken six, almost seven months, to lose just 14. And I gained a bit last week, which yes I know could be anything from muscle gain to water weight to just silly scale fluctuations, but it really, really got me down. So I hate poorly and didn’t work out this weekend, and I thought about giving up.

But this photo has kinda lit the fire up in under me again. With just 20 more pounds to go, surely I can do it – right?

I’m totally gonna kick butt at Zumba when I get home. Yay!

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