What’s Going On – Homemade Jamz, ‘Wild Things,’ ‘Idol’

Happy Thursday, Scene cats!

What do y’all have planned for the weekend? Since today’s like my Friday, I’m already thinking about this weekend…I’m ready to catch up on a little sleep! I stayed up late last night putting new music on my iPod and writing “Idol,” so I could use a couple extra z’s.

* R.I.P., Dan Seals.

* Here’s scoop on the upcoming Blues Awards. Tupelo’s Homemade Jamz Blues Band is nominated for an award this year.

* Everybody’s talking about the trailer for “Where the Wild Things Are.” What do you think about it?

* Here’s scoop on Ben Harper’s new album and band.

* Jim Carrey, Sean Penn and Benicio Del Toro have been cast in the upcoming “Three Stooges” movie.

* In more casting news, Isaiah Washington will star in a Lou Rawls biopic.

* Bet you never would’ve guessed that those cheesy “Idol” group sing-alongs are lip-synched.

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