What’s Going On – Tupelo, McGraw, Susan Boyle

Merry Thursday, dears!

Sorry for the whole lack of news yesterday – with the news of the Elvis Presley Fest, things got hectic fast!

I’ll be covering the Alan Jackson show tonight at the Arena, so I’ll try to blog a little from that tonight if the technology gods allow.

  • Tupelo gets in the headlines over at CMT.com – there’s a story about those speciality Elvis plates.
  • Rumors, rumors, rumors: Some say “Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles” is canceled, but there is no official word from Fox yet. Also, “Dollhouse” is kind of in the same situation – creator Joss Whedon says things are “in limbo.” Still no word from Fox.
  • Tim McGraw has a new film role.
  • This is a cool story about how Jamey Johnson’s career is taking off following his ACM award win.
  • Here’s an update on Tinted Windows.
  • Former “Idol” winner Fantasia is getting her own reality show.
  • Surely, by now, you know all about Susan Boyle?

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