What’s on Your iPod? 3/31

What’s new on your iPod?

Thanks to my emusic credits rolling over, and iTunes giftcards from Christmas, I’ve got a lot of new stuff on my iPod.

Probably my favorite album that I’ve purchased is “Tell Me” by Jessica Lea Mayfield. The singer-songwriter’s songs are intimate, pretty, heart-breaking, and, most of all, relatable. I liked her first record but this one is even better.

I’m a huge, huge fan of the Gaslight Anthem’s last two records, so I went back and bought the band’s debut album, “Sink or Swim,” and the EP, “Senor & the Queen.” These records are terrific. Love, love, love them.

I also bought the White Lies’ two albums, “To Lose My Life” and “Ritual.” If you dig Joy Divison or Joy Divison-y bands, you’ll like the White Lies.

Speaking of Joy Division-y bands, I also checked out “Expo 86” by Wolf Parade. Again, good listening if you like that sound.

And, finally, I rounded it all out with some folk, with “The Wild Hunt” by The Tallest Man on Earth. That is a really excellent album.

OK, your turn – what music are you into right now??

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