What’s on Your iPod? 4/7 and more…

Hey y’all,

What’s on your iPod this week?

It’s a funny coincidence that iTunes has changed its pricing system, while all of my favorite new things on my iPod were free.

It just so happens I found The Three Musketeers of Great Free Tracks today.

The first free song I found and fell in love with is “Wolf Man” by Griffiti Island. I read about the band and downloaded the song for free on NME.com.

I love the lyrics to that song, and the low-fi, punk sound is amazing.

The second? That belongs to the iTunes free single of the week, “I Know What I Am” by Band of Skulls.

I love, love, love the way this song sounds. It reminds me of The Kills, The White Stripes, etc. It’s a very simple, dirty, rock-blues sound. Love, love, love.

Then, I got a tip from one of my best friends that Amazon.com is offering a free download from comedian Craig Ferguson’s new comedy album. It’s his Sean Connery bit. You have to love Craig Ferguson. 🙂

I also randomly downloaded some more free tracks off NME.com that are also worthy of your time: “New Age” by Sleepy Sun and “25 Years” by Middle Class Rut.

Check out iTunes, Amazon and music sites like NME.com or Spin.com for free downloads, as well as indierockreviews.com. Share your favorite sites that offer free downloads, too!

But what do y’all think about this whole new iTunes price changing thing? I don’t use iTunes nowhere near as much as I used to, before I discovered the glory of things like Amazon’s mp3 store and emusic.com. I’m hoping I can get around ever having to pay $1.29 for a song.

So, talk back, dears – what are you listening to this week?

Where do you go for free/cheap music?

What do you think about the new prices on iTunes?

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