What’s on Your iPod? AND Jason Isbell’s iPod, for that matter?

What new music are you listening to these days?

Lemme tell you what I’m listening to.

The first was sort of a surprise for me. I get a few records a week from labels, but really, I rarely hear anything I think I should tell others about. That changed this week. I got the new album by Luther Russell, “The Invisible Audience.”

I have to admit this is my introduction to Russell, but this is his fifth solo record, and he’s well-known as a producer.

Anyways, “The Invisible Audience” is a double record but doesn’t feel like one. Each song is solid and has its own sound, so you never feel like you’re hearing the same thing again and again. His sound is quite pop-rock-y, in a really good way, but also singer-songwriter-y, bluesy, etc. There are just a few little instrumentals mixed in, and they are fabulous. They remind me of music I’d hear on the new FX show “Wilfred” – they’re kind of quirky, whimsical, fun.

Here’s a video of Russell performing “Motorbike,” from the album. If you dig this song, pick up the record. It’s really terrific.

There is a new record out that’s not on my iPod just yet, but will be soon.

Farewell Flight released its debut album on a label, called “Out for Blood.”

Farewell Flight is an indie pop-rock band from Pennsylvania, but there’s a chance you’ve caught them here in Tupelo. These guys are, hands down, the hardest working band I think I’ve ever met – they tour constantly, all over the U.S., and I’ve seen them in Tupelo several times. They self-released their debut record, “Sound. Color. Motion,”a few years ago, and I’m shocked my copy still works, cause I play it constantly.

“Out for Blood” is Farewell Flight’s first album released by its new label, Mono vs Stereo, and the label heads thought “Sound. Color. Motion.” was so good that they guys should re-record the album, add a few new songs and basically re-release it as “Out for Blood.”

I don’t have this just yet – it’s in the mail, and should arrive on my doorstep soon. I can’t wait to hear it.

Check out the official video for “Out for Blood” – one of my new favorite songs.

Also new on my iPod: Darren Hayes‘ cover of Madonna’s “Angel.” You may remember Hayes as the lead singer of the late 90s pop duo Savage Garden. Well, since the band split, he’s been releasing some incredible solo material. He has a new single out, “Talk Talk Talk,” which is excellent, and the B-side is his “Angel” cover. It’s awesome!

Also, yesterday, I interviewed Jason Isbell, who is bringing his band, the 400 Unit, to tomorrow night’s Down on Main in Tupelo. I asked him what’s on his iPod, but I didn’t really have space to include it in the paper. So, here’s his answer:

“Mimicking Birds – I really like them a whole lot. It’s kinda sleepy, kinda quiet music. And Joe Pug. I love Joe’s stuff – he’s a really good songwriter. …I like the new My Morning Jacket. I like the new Strokes record. … I know it’s not always cool to be a Strokes fan, sometimes you catch hell for that, but I don’t really have any guilty pleasures. If you like something, just be proud of it.”

So, what are you listening to?

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