Yay for new motivation

You’ve heard the saying before, right? It takes no time it all to put on weight, but it seems like it takes forever to take it off.

In late July it’ll be a year since I started this weight loss plan. I’ve made a lot of progress but I still have a way to go. Thank goodness, some fresh motivation just came my way.

  • A friend’s wedding and a concert in July. I’d like to look great for both of these!
  • My new Zumba DVD set. (click for more info!) It seems like most of the Zumba classes in town conflict with my work schedule, so these DVDs will hopefully keep me on track.
  • Big change in diet: going as vegetarian as possible, while still eating some meat occassionally.

After basically a week of not being able to hit the gym (last week was one of the craziest work schedules I think I’ve ever had), I am SO READY to get back on track.

I’ll let y’all know how those Zumba DVDs are after I’ve burned through a few of them. It’s an 7-disc set, and last night I perfected my moves with the Step by Step DVD that breaks each of the steps down. I’m excited to get to use the Zumba Toning Sticks – basically two “weights” (they’re really lightweight) that sound like maracas. Whee!

Here’s to losing the rest of these 25 pounds!

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