Hamilton bank branch closing

BancorpSouthThe BancorpSouth branch in Hamilton closed its doors Friday after 36 years of operation, a casualty of difficult economic times. Customers will now be served by Aberdeen Main, which is nine miles away. As well, a major new branch for the bank is currently being constructed in Columbus.

Although a sad occasion, the mood among employees was light-hearted on Thursday, the day before the closure.

Customers brought along such things as homemade cookies and flowers, as a way to say goodbye and express their appreciation for the staff that has served them for so many years.

Manager Shirley Huffman noted that the branch’s employees would all be transferred to other branches, such as Aberbeen Main and Columbus, and that no one had lost their job.

“Bancorp has taken care of their employees,” she said. “We care about our customers. We appreciate them and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them in Aberdeen – some of our customers are saying they’ll be going to Aberdeen just to see us.”

Lisa Gilliand, owner of Hamilton’s The Grass Shop, stopped by to deliver roses for the staff. “I hate that it’s closing,” she said, noting that before she opened her shop, she had worked at the bank for ten years.

Huffman said some of the branch’s conference chairs were being donated to the community center and that a copier was being donated to the school.

“Bancorp South still supports the community,” she said