Cellphone superstore opens in Aberdeen

ABERDEEN – After several vacant months, the shopping parcel formerly housing Movie Gallery opened last week as a CellPhone Superstore.
“We’re always trying to expand and when we were looking for a good place, we had heard the people of Aberdeen were always complaining about having to drive to different towns for their cell phone needs,” said Casey Beasley, sales manager with the Cellphone Superstore.
The group has 12 locations and expects to have two more open by the end of October. The store specializes in AT&T service and products.
“We have four selling stations, a wide variety of phones, great prices, great customer service and a wide assortment of cell phone accessories. We try to order every color accessory for every phone,” Beasley said.
Beasley said tablets aren’t the best sellers so instead of having them in stock, they can be ordered.
The store does carry the new iPhone 4s.
“Not only can people purchase phones and pay bills, we’ll offer tech support and we do repair phones as well,” Beasley said.
In addition to the cell phone end of the business, people can pay their home phone payments and set up DirecTV service.
The store is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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