Mississippi State student captures life through different angle

ABERDEEN – Simply put, Rebekah Trotter sees opportunities when looking through the lens of a camera. Images she’s captured have provided opportunities for the Mississippi State senior to showcase her works most recently in a thesis exhibition entitled, “Commune.”
Though she didn’t grow up with a 35 mm camera in her hands, she spent plenty of free time reading everything from the Hardy Boys mysteries to the Boxcar Children novels while growing up in Arkansas.
“My brother was an exceptionally skilled painter and I’d always thought the illustrations in my books never looked the way I thought they should,” Trotter said.
A class in college gave her initial love for art the chance to find her own creative outlet behind a Nikon digital camera she rented for $50 a semester.
“Once I started, I told myself I’d already been taking pictures in my head for years,” Trotter said.
While being broken in on digital photography, she’s found a love for the older alternative of film through equipment like a Holga 120LTR twin lens camera.
“Digital allows me to be so much more conceptually themed and I can manipulate it so much, but I still love the black and white feel because it gives the picture a real feeling,” Trotter said.
Exploring variations of light was an earlier fascination with her photography.
“I spent a lot of time doing the art student thing, staying up all night and I found how beautiful it is. Portraits are beautiful, but I found a beautiful life that exists outside of the busy routines of the daytime,” Trotter said.
Between a natural curiosity and something fostered by a structured art education, Trotter discovered a style she loves with confidence.
Her thesis exhibit focuses on acute anxiety and, in turn, helped her confront the condition at the same time.
“Anxiety has been a part of my life since I was 13 or 14. I realized I was always overwhelmed and my mind was like a record player spinning around. Reading was a great escape growing up, but going to college was scary. I didn’t realize how to cope until the last two years. It started to come out with my work and I didn’t even realize it.
“I’ve found being behind a camera completely takes you out of the spotlight. I love being able to take pictures from the outside looking in,” Trotter said.

THROUGH THE LENS – Rebekah Trotter found her creative outlet in photography after taking classes at Mississippi State. The graduating senior’s abstract works were recently on display in a thesis exhibit.

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