Amory aldermen reverse chief of police decision

AMORY – In a special-called meeting on Dec. 17, the board of aldermen voted to reverse Ordinance 1677, returning the position of police chief back to an elected, rather than an appointed position.
“It was a roll-call vote and all voted in favor of reversing the ordinance, with the exception of Tommy Wilkerson,” said city clerk Lee Barnett.
The board also voted to appoint Ward 4 alderman Bill Lyle as police commissioner to act as a liason between the chief of police and the board.
Mayor Howard Boozer and Police Chief Ronnie Bowen declined to comment. City Attorney John Creekmore could not be reached for comment.

The issue has been a hot topic in Amory since the the board originally voted 4-1 on Dec. 4.

  • Stanton

    I’m glad they saw the light. Maybe the Board will take a cue from the Chief and PD and do something FOR the people instead of TO the people.

  • Mike O

    Something good did come out of this…the office of a Police Commissioner. Better communications by all sides might have prevented this. Now let us get back to being happy with one another.

  • James D.

    The board and mayor need to do something about all the freeloaders that are on the city payroll, including the “advisors” that get paid hefty salaries for doing nothing.

  • Donna Johnson Franks

    What a great decision by the board. I don’t live in Amory but I have a lot of family that do. My family supports Ronnie Bowen as their Chief. Amory’s crime rate is a lot lower than some of the surrounding towns due to the diligent work that Chief Bowen is known for. Amory citizens know what a great Chief they have and apparently worked hard to make sure they can elect him as long as they want him and he wants to stay.Congratulation and keep up the great work Chief Bowen.

  • mike

    thanks for being a good chief plus noone want the right to vote taking from them and this will be remembered next election.

  • Lynette

    I’m glad Amory Aldermen are doing the right thing by not taking away the right of people to vote. I hope the aldermen in my town of Aberdeen decide to do the right thing, too, and reverse their ridiculous decision. Amory is very blessed to have had such excellent leadership through the years with their police chief, their mayors, and dedicated city officials. I’m glad it worked out for all involved.

  • Charles

    What about all those regular trips to the gym in Tupelo? He may save time by not having go get his city vehicle in the event of an emergency but by the time he get to Amory it will be over. He should support Amory and work out after work in Amory and interact with the people who elect him. I promise you that most folks aren’t happy with him and I can’t wait to see him campaign . I heard he doesn’t need west Amory but I bet that changes now . They didn’t show for him but for the right to vote. Why does the sheriff have to come Amory and make drug arrest. Ronnie budget is out line when compared to our cities and should give some back to city . Shame on the alderman for letting him intimidate you more people were on your side the first time . I belived if the alderman got the fact out and solicited people to show up like Ronnie it would have really got out hand . Way to go Martha for standing up to that group.