Myers’ seasonal plants brighten the holidays of the ending of the year

ABERDEEN – Small bursts of pink and white brighten up a sea of green on a table in Mary Myer’s house. The three Christmas cacti put a perennial smile on the 88-year-old’s face throughout the holiday season.

CHRISTMAS COLORS – Mary Myers displays her favorite Christmas cactus, which she has been growing for 40 years. Myers has planted sprigs to add another pink and a white Christmas cactus to her list of plants.

“I think a lot of them. I hold them up and tell them I love them and I think it helps them grown,” Myers said.
Her main Christmas cactus began with a couple of clippings 40 years ago and she’s rooted another pink and received clippings for a white one in the past couple of years. Myers has treated several guests to clippings from her favorite plants throughout the years as well.

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