Christmas decor right at your door

AMORY – Charity Young Gallop has always had a flair for decorating. Her mother once mentioned that she should decorate other people’s homes for Christmas.
“I just thought she was being partial. You know how people don’t listen to their mothers,” Gallop said.
One of Gallop’s friends said she had several Christmas parties coming up and asked if she could decorate her house for the holidays.

GALLOP DECORATES CHRISTMAS TREE – Charity Gallop decorates one of two Christmas trees in the home of Art and Lisa Gentry of Amory. The entire home took on the appearance of a Christmas village as Gallop put her artistic touches around the rooms.

“Afterwards, she told me I should be doing this for others. Since my mother had suggested it and now this friend, I decided I would see how it would go,” Gallop said.
Gallop created her Christmas Decor Right At Your Door Facebook page in early November, posted pictures and the response has been phenomenal eversince.
Some of the people are ill and not able to decorate as usual, or some work and have hours that don’t allow them to get their decorating done.
“People just leave out their

Christmas decorations in the morning and when they come home in the evening, the house is decorated and waiting for them. I love doing this for people and making them happy. The best thing for me is if I am still working when they come home and I see their faces when they see their house,” Gallop said.
Gallop said she plays Christmas music and brings a Christmas smell with her when decorating to provide an even more festive feel.
“I did my Christmas decorating Thanksgiving week because I thought I might be so tired of decorating that I wouldn’t want to decorate at home. It’s more fu

n to do someone else’s house,” Gallop said.
She suggests tips for holiday decorating such as using lots of lights and greenery. She likes to use both on mantles, trees and tables. She said to then add color with ribbon, fabric, and ornaments. Decorating in clusters is another thing she likes to do.
It takes a least a full day to decorate a house. Gallop’s prices are very reasonable and she will decorate either a tree or the entire house.
She said she also vacuums and cleans up after she is finished as there is always glitter and other items that fall on the floor.
“I am thankful God has given me this talent to help others. It’s a blessing to help others by taking some of the stress off them,” Gallop said.
To find out more about Christmas Decor At Your Door, Gallop can be contacted at 256-6794.