It’s time to think about acts of kindness in 2013

Given the nature of what we’ve witnessed in the news nationally, I think it’s time we take a moment and consider a good dose of civility.
The close of 2012 has brought heartache to our nation as we try to understand the senseless killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Many of us are left feeling helpless, not understanding how we can help.
I’m suggesting we step back, take a breath, and be thankful for all we have. I’m also suggesting that we step up and share our good fortune with others around us.
The following are just some suggested random acts of kindness to help up balance the heartache.
• Visit a nursing home. Spending time with the elderly is rewarding and can be educational.
• Donate food or money or time to a food pantry.
• Volunteer to mentor elementary students. Our young people need positive role models.
• Become politically active. Work to support those who have a vision for positive change.
• Adopt from an animal shelter.
• Donate used books to the library and share the gift of reading.
• Pay the tab for the person behind you in line.
• Thank a police officer or firefighter. We take these public servants for granted until we need their services.
• Thank a member of the military or thank a military family member.
• Write a letter to someone who made a difference in your life. We should all be grateful for those who have shaped us in positive ways.
• Be kind to someone you dislike.
• Adopt a soldier by writing letters and sending care packages. Bring a slice of home-life to those who can’t be at home.
• Donate blood.
• Praise a parent for their child. A parent receiving praise about the behavior or actions of a child – that’s a good feeling.
• Praise a co-worker. We spend a good deal of our awake time with the people we work with. We can create a positive work environment by recognizing the work of those around us.
• Share inspirational quotes. Brighten someone’s day by providing some uplifting words.
• Forgive someone. Carrying a grudge against someone for the rest of your life could result in a big regret later.
• Be positive. Being a downer brings down the people around you.
• Join a service club. There are numerous service clubs in Monroe County that provide a host of community service opportunities. It’s a great way to give back to the community.
• Create a random acts of kindness list. Keep the list in a place that you will see and review it regularly. By keeping the list top of mind, you’re more likely to follow it.


About Charlie Langford

Charlie Langford is the general manager of the Monroe Journal.