APD on the look out for ring of B&E suspects

ABERDEEN – The Aberdeen Police Department arrested three juveniles associated with a bigger ring of thieves on Christmas Eve following a break-in on Mockingbird Lane Dec. 23.
“We believe these three are part of a group lead by one main individual telling the others what to do. We’re actively investigating all the other breaking and entering cases across town,” said Aberdeen Police Department investigator Kelly Drake.
According to Drake, several juveniles have been spotted riding bicycles through neighborhoods surveying homes. The three juveniles arrested aren’t divulging any information about the others.
“If they don’t break in then, they may come back later that night. At one point, things were calm but during the past three months, the breaking and entering cases have really picked up,” Drake said.
In the past four weeks, more than 15 cases of breaking and entering and theft have been reported in Aberdeen with five reported last week. These cases have been reported with both homes and vehicles.
“People should definitely keep their car and house doors locked and don’t leave valuables in plain sight. Even if someone leaves something on the floorboard covered up with a coat, it’s still not a good idea. Firearms should definitely not be left inside vehicles,” Drake said.
Drake asked anyone seeing suspicious teenagers on bikes taking photos in a neighborhood they’re usually not in or suspicious individuals who appear to be scoping out property to call the APD at 369-6454.

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