2012 comes to a close and almost a year here for me

In the midst of yet another long high school sports discussion with a coworker the other day, I was reminded that even though it seems like basketball and soccer season has barely started, before I know it, baseball and softball season will be here.
I was happy when I remembered that because it means two of my favorite things – springtime weather and baseball – will be here if I can only be patient through the next two months of dreary winter weather.
It also made me realize that not only are we going into a new year – as I write this it’s still 2012, even though you guys are reading it in 2013 – but it’s also just two months away from the year mark of when I started writing for this paper.
Time flies when you’re having fun, right? It also flies even more when you are staying busy, and it’s certainly been a busy and enjoyable nine-plus months, so much so that it’s hard to remember life before this job.
I started out my time here jumping right into the middle of baseball and softball season – county tournament less than two weeks into the job and playoffs less than a month later. Around the two month anniversary mark, I was sitting in Jackson watching Smithville win the fastpitch state championship, something I’m thinking is going to be a reoccurring thing.
After a summer in which I went a little crazy with boredom during July (after all the hustle and bustle of summer baseball/all-star games was over), we finally got into the grind of football season, which I’m already missing.
In my first year here, it was great to get to see teams have the kind of success that Aberdeen, Amory and Smithville all saw this year, even if all three’s playoff runs ended a little earlier than expected.
Basketball and soccer season both have us set up to a good start to 2013. Amory soccer is already off to a strong beginning. The girls’ team has been nearly unstoppable in the first month and a half of the season, and the guys have battled the injury bug and still come out on the other side with some key wins.
We’ve still got two basketball teams with just one loss coming out of Christmas break – Amory’s boys and Hamilton’s girls – who will both be fun to watch as division play continues, and Aberdeen’s boys look primed for another trip to Jackson.
And like I mentioned previously before we know it, baseball and softball will be here too, and I think we’ve got a couple of softball teams that should be Jackson-bound again, and hopefully a baseball team or two that can get back there as well.
It’s been a great 2012, and 2013 already has the potential to be even better.