Representatives from supervisors association speak at legislative luncheon

ABERDEEN – BancorpSouth hosted a luncheon at Town & Country last week honoring elected officials. The Supervisors Association of Jackson’s Derrick Suretta and Steve Gray spoke on such topics as 911 funding, local maintenance authority and charter schools.
Due to huge revenue losses in the E911 fund, Gray suggested adding an additional $1 surcharge across the board on all communication devices.
“In a huge move in 2010, we added a lot of new technology to E911. However, the bulk usage of that technology comes from landlines and businesses. More people now are using cell phones so we’re losing the bulk of our revenue,” Gray said.
He also asked that legislators consider restructuring the funding formula for E911.
A request was made for legislation providing counties the discretion to vote whether to accept or decline portions of a road or highway issued to them by the Mississippi Department of Transportation.
“Currently, MDOT can hand over roads and highways to the county to take up maintenance without your say. It’s expensive and times are tight. We are asking for a law to create some dialogue,” Gray said.
Monroe County has the second highest road mileage in the state.
A potential unfunded mandate was discussed in terms of the charter school issue as there was some concern raised regarding how funding will work from the county’s standpoint. While the association of supervisors have no position on the issue, Gray thinks that if the schools lose money due to transfers, they will ask for more money, creating a negative impact on the budget.
According to District 39 Representative Jeff Smith, it is too early to be concerned.
“There is no law on charter schools yet so we can’t predict anything about them at this point, Smith said.