Brown pushes for firearm act in state legislative session

ABERDEEN – District 20 Rep. Chris Brown (R) plans on securing the right to bear arms and potential revenue by introducing the Firearm Freedom Act to the Mississippi Legislature this session, which began Jan. 8 and runs until April 7.
Brown has worked for nearly a year in drafting the bill that would uphold the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution for Mississippi in the event of tighter federal regulations of firearms.
“It would provide a dual benefit because it would allow us to keep and bear arms no matter what other states do, in addition to providing a huge economic impact if a federal ban goes through,” Brown said.
Following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the issue of gun control has been a political hot topic. President Barack Obama has expressed pushing for federal gun control measures in 2013, but by the proposed Firearm Freedom Act, Mississippi would join several other states setting forth their own rules and regulations regarding firearms with the act first introduced in 2009 by Montana.
“Regardless of political party affiliation, everyone is concerned about what happened at Sandy Hook. During this session, we will be looking for a proper response of how we can keep any tragedy like that from happening here,” Brown said.
If approved, the Firearm Freedom Act would mean firearms and ammunition produced in Mississippi would be unaffected by any possible federal gun seizure acts.
“Taking guns out of the hands of citizens isn’t the answer to tragedies. This isn’t a response to anything the federal government may do; it’s an opportunity to be seen for the state while protecting liberty and our freedom,” Brown said.
As far as the possible economic impact, Brown said the Firearm Freedom Act would entice more ammunition and gun manufacturers to locate in Mississippi. By the Interstate Commerce Clause, a provision of the U.S. Constitution, Congress has power over trade activities of states.

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  • District Observer

    This district needs more than a gun-toting grandstander as its representative.

    It is likely that this legislation attempt will meet the same fate of all his other bills last session – ‘died in committee’.

    Oh, he did get one issue passed – a resolution supporting home schooling – within days of the state taking over the Aberdeen school district. How out of touch with his constituents can you get?

  • Barry of LB

    Bravo Congressman Brown. Thanks for working to protect the rights of the citizens of Mississippi from an out of control federal government.

    • District Observer

      Barry, have you seen the text of the bill he is proposing to introduce? It is just pure political grandstanding. It will have no effect other that get a politician some attention. It has had no effect in any of the other states which is is copying.

      Barry, you may be interested to know that his efforts are being commended by groups which support another type of freedom for Mississippians – the freedom to brew your own liquor. Politics does make strange bedfellows….

  • Stanton

    I think Representative Brown is most definitely in line with the wishes of his constituents. The concern of Monroe County citizens with the protection of our rights is something that one would only need to look at the recent events in Amory to see.

    • District Observer

      Really Stanton? His constituents want him to praise home schoolers who have withdrawn from society instead of taking any positive action for his neighbors in Aberdeen schools? Really?

      Stanton,the only thing that happened in Amory was that the chief of police learned that his actions as a public official were subject to scrutiny. The voters still have the right to vote out him out at the next election.

  • Patrick Henry

    To say our Represeative is out of touch by supporting the 2nd ammendment of the Constitution is crazy. I think District Observer is the one out of touch. The previous Rep we had was only worried about his retirement. Liberty and Freedom are never out of touch with the people.

    • District Observer

      Patrick, the Second Amendment is alive and well, and does not need a grandstanding politician’s help.

      Of course, grandstanding politicians do have obligations to the PACs and the organizations that dump the money into their campaigns. Our liberty and freedom have been sold by Chris Brown to the NRA and the other PACs and organizations and all we got was a grandstanding politician who had every other bill but one die in committee last year!!!

      • Patrick Henry

        I think Community Observer is a hater.

  • Snoochie Boochies

    Thank you Monroe County Journal for this article. At first I just thought he was grandstanding on the deaths of those poor children in Sandy Hook. We need more elected officials who will stand up to Washington.

    • District Observer

      Snoochie – Stand up to Washington? Have you seen the bill he plans to introduce? It doesn’t protect gunowners – it is only for arms manufacturers. There hasn’t been an arms manufacturer in his district since World War II.

      The bill makes a claim that arms manufactured in Mississippi that stay in Mississippi aren’t subject to the commerce clause. This is the same stuff Mississippi tried against civil rights laws in the 1960s. How did that work out?

      Don’t worry, though. The commerce clause is being challenged again. Guess who is doing it this time? Medical marijuana sellers in California. Politics does make strange bedfellows. I just thought that it would take longer for Chris Brown to get in bed with these liberals.

      • Patrick Henry

        District Observer has not read the bill. The bill actually defends the 2nd Amendment rights of Mississippians. It also helps attract new businesses to our state. It is necessary because of the attack on the 2nd amendment from the Democrats in Washington. The only reason anyone would be against this bill is if they are against the 2nd amendment.
        I noticed that the Democrat led legislature in IL are passing draconian style gun control and that the firearm manufacturers in IL, and other anti-2nd amendment states, are looking at leaving that hostile environment. This legislation will show that not only will MS defend the rights of people to keep and bear arms but also that MS will be a good business partner. That is a win win and there is no down side
        Unless you are District Observer and has a person vendetta against Representative Brown.
        If our Representative is fighting to protect our gun rights and economic development I say Keep up the good work.

    • Patrick Henry

      If we can help get behind this legislation and help get it passed it will send a message to Washington. The best part is that this legislation is Constitutional and with in the Inter-state commerce clause and the 10th Amendment. Brilliant!

      • District Observer

        Does anyone know why Chris Brown is so interested in protecting the rights of the gun manufacturers (there aren’t any in his district and never will be) and is going to work to take away the voting rights of his constituents?

        Why is Chris Brown going to support taking away the right of his constituents to vote on the Monroe County Superintendent of Education?

        Shame, shame, shame!

  • Patrcik Henry

    District Observer,

    What are you talking about? You are saying that the Firearm Freedom Act is not germane to gun owners of District 20 and Monroe County? I think you are not reading the bill or not being honest. But that is not the first time you have not been honest in your posts. You are intentionally misleading people to believe lies about people.

    Again, I will call you out on this statement of talking away constituents right to vote on the Monroe County Superintendent of Education. What bill are you talking about? Where is the vote? Where are you getting your information. I went to the state website and reviewed bills that Representative Brown has co-signed onto or authored and there is nothing that supports your claims. You are making stuff up and that is immoral and just wrong.

    Shame, shame, shame!!

    • District Observer

      Is it Patrcik or Patrick? Who is misleading whom? You know good and well follower Brown is going to toe the party line on this issue no matter what happens to the rights of his constituents.

  • Patrcik Henry

    There you go again. No facts and just a lot of hot air. Not one thing you said is based in fact. I think you are still made because your guy lost and you are going to do your best to smear any Conservative Republican. Representative Brown has been a successful leader and will continue to be a strong voice for District 20 in Jackson.

  • Patrcik Henry

    Mad not made.