Stennis Institute advisement group to reveal its First Impressions of Amory

AMORY – A community meeting will shine light on Amory’s potential Thursday, Jan. 10 at East Amory Community Center at 5:30 p.m. Representatives of the John C. Stennis Institute of Government and Community Development at Mississippi State University will present their findings of the First Impressions study conducted of Amory Main Street.
First Impressions will highlight both positive and negative observations that people likely make when visiting Amory. Residents often don’t see what out-of-towners see when visiting a town for the first time.
“We want to better our community and these findings will help us see what we need to do to improve. This program offers a fresh perspective and brings attention to both the assets and challenges that communities face,” said Amory Main Street Manager Lorie Bryant.
The First Impressions program, coordinated by the Stennis Institute, is being offered as part of Amory’s participation in the Mississippi Community Action Project, a community development effort sponsored by the Mississippi Appalachian Regional Commission.
The First Impressions program is a structured visitation program designed to capture the observations of visitors to a community. These observations, both positive and negative, are used to raise issues that the community can evaluate and prioritize for in-depth study or immediate action.
Aberdeen took note of the program’s suggestions by adding a fountain and additional medians downtown. Smithville also hosted the program last spring to gain insight in rebuilding from the EF-5 tornado.
Observations on specific issues and areas like entryways, downtown, education, health care, housing, infrastructure, attractions, retail business, industrial activity, etc. are recorded and compiled into a written report and presentation to inform and solicit input from citizens on the next course of action for the community.
The meeting is open to all residents in Amory.
Questions about the meeting should be directed to Lorie Bryant at 256-8700 or