Candidates Begin Qualification Process for Amory Municipal Elections

Candidates who have turned in a qualifying statement of intent for the Amory municipal elections include:
Democratic Party
Mayor – Tommy Wilkerson, Brad Blaylock, Thomas Griffith
Police Chief – Ronnie Bowen, Tony Coxey, Robert Frederick
Alderman-at-Large – Sylvia Patterson
Ward 1 Alderman – Buddy Carlisle
Ward 2 Alderman – John Darden, Edsel Hampton, Jackie Meaders

Ward 3 Alderman – Tony Poss
Ward 4 Alderman – Bill Lyle, Glen Bingham,  Eddie Wilemon
Republican Party
Alderman-at-Large – Wes Kirkpatrick
The executive committees for each party will meet prior to March 8 and determine if each person meets the qualifications to run for public office.