The lack of morals behind the trigger finger do

On Dec. 14, tragedy struck our nation once again and left the world in shock.  When Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook Elementary School with an assault rifle, the entire world was stricken with grief.
On Dec. 24, tragedy struck again as firefighters rushed to save a home that was engulfed in flames. Firefighters lost their lives while trying to save others as William Spengler opened fire on them with an assault rifle.
The issue that has risen from these tragedies has been gun control. People want to ban guns and take away our constitutional right to bear arms. Are the guns really the issue? What is wrong with our society? What is wrong with our nation as a whole when we can’t see past the lack of judgment and underlying issues the shooters possessed?
From what I have read, everyone who knew Adam knew that he had issues. Why was he allowed to have any type of access to assault rifles? Why would his mother have them in the home when she was aware of the issues? How did William Spengler gain access to the same type of assault rifle Adam used when he was a convicted murderer?
As a nation, it is time for us to rise up and take back control of what is ours. As parents, it is our responsibility to discipline our children and raise them with morals and goals. It is also our responsibility as parents to nurture our children and pay attention to the needs of each of them.
When I was a child in elementary school, we started our day with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. In the entire 13 years when I attended school, I was never afraid of someone entering the premises with a weapon.
We had emergency drills, but they were to teach us how to be protected from fires and tornadoes, not where to hide or how to act when a shooter came in the classroom.
Maybe we should try putting God back in our schools and allow children to pray during the day and if we allow them to pledge that we are “One Nation under God” maybe, just maybe we could become that nation again.
<b>Hope Cross</b> is the office manager at the Monroe Journal. She can be reached at

  • Mike Owen

    We do not have a constitutional right to “Bear Arms”. We have a constitutional right to bear arms as part of a WELL ORGANIZED MILITIA. To own a gun otherwise is a privilege not a right. it is very important that the entire article is included and not just the part we like.

    NO ONE NOR NO LAW forbids children from praying in or at school. What is forbidden is Authority led prayer or forced prayer. Maybe if children actually prayed in school and quit complaining about not being allowed to pray in school things would be a little different.

    The Pledge of Allegiance in its entirety and with the 1950’s addition of “one Nation Under God”, is said every day in public schools across America unlike in private and Parochial schools, where it is often not said or, “the Bible” is substitute for the United States of America.

    I beg to differ with you on what the drills were for in school. The drills were to teach us how to hide in case the USSR lobbed a nuclear tipped rocket onto the Strategic Air Command base at Columbus. Of course that could have been before your time.

    When a person kills another person over meth, that is a moral issue. When a person kills a law officer in the commission of a crime or out of hate, that is a Moral Issue. When a person slaughters an entire herd of Deer simply because he has the magazine capacity to do so, that is a moral issue. When a person blows up a building and kills hundreds of innocent people because he/she is mad at the government, that is an act of terrorism, not liberty. When a person for no reason massacres innocents and then kills him/herself, 9.9 times out of 10 that is going to be a mental health issue and an exorcism is not going to help.

    You ask how did the convicted murder gain access to an assault rifle ? Go to any swap meet and see for yourself. Not a lot of praying over decisions of who to sell to or not to sell to nor, questions asked as to intentions, at those events. The buyer and seller are just exercising what they believe is their god given right to sell and own firearms. But do not try to argue with them cause they might kill you to prove their point.

    I am a gun owner and former hunter. I however, do not delude myself with the narcissistic belief that i am going to stand off the US government if they decide to “take my guns”; watch a helicopter gunship on the range at Twenty Nine Palms if anyone harbors such grandiose ideas. On the other hand I am fairly confident that as long as i abide by the laws of the land and respect the civil authority, there is nothing to fear from them regarding my guns, they after all work for me (and you). Criminals with guns and Nuts that identify themselves by their guns is a different story. I fear them very much as they lack respect for LAW, Civil Authority, themselves, and anyone that disagrees with them. These are the people that must be addressed and the loop holes closed. We need not fear the many hunters and sportsmen that live among us, they are our neighbors and friends. Nor the person that keeps a weapon for home defense, though often times it is the individuals gun that is taken from them and used against them.

    I suggest Drug Testing and mental evaluation for gun ownership and placing the same laws and restriction on “Swap Meets” and personal transactions that law abiding gun dealers must bear. While this would in no way end gun violence it would certainly curb it as it would make it more difficult for criminals, the mentally ill, and substance abusers to own weapons. Do not think this is fair ? Try to join the National Guard (well regulated Militia) without meeting the same standards.