APD looks to shut down Walker Union Hall parties

ABERDEEN – An incident during the weekend put an Aberdeen man in the hospital following a shooting at Walker Union Hall.
“One juvenile went to the party and had words with the guys out front. They threw him to the ground and he came up shooting,” said Aberdeen Police Chief Henry Randle.
The partygoer who was shot was transported to Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle after being struck in the thigh with a bullet from a lower caliber handgun.
“As far as I’m concerned, Walker Union Hall is officially closed for these kind of parties. I can’t stop people from renting the building, but as soon as alcohol is served or they charge admission, I have grounds to arrest whoever is throwing the party,” Randle said.
Walker Union Hall has been rented out for several parties where the police had to intervene in years past.
“Since the Walker Union Hall’s owners don’t have a liquor license and nobody can legally charge money at the door to get into these parties, we can arrest whoever is responsible when it does happen,” Randle said.

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  • Mike Owen

    While things that charge admission are being closed down, might want to inquire as to how a 16 year old came into possession of a firearm. That angle of the crime not being investigated and prosecuted is what gives guns and responsible gun owners a bad name. All gun owners I know want the existing laws regarding guns enforced, not more laws.

  • hmmmmreally

    While I understand the need to enforce laws to keep citizens safe. What is being done to ensure that these kids have a safe environment to go to? There is absolutely nothing for these kids to do socially in Aberdeen. Shutting down Walker Union hall to these types of parties will only send them out to the Country Club which is 10,000 worst for them to go to.

  • Angela Johnson

    It’s sad that Aberdeen can’t have anything for the adults to enjoy without youngsters messing it up. It seems to always be the younger people with the mess. I’m glad I moved to Okolona, it is such a wonderful city. 🙂