Recruiting more jobs top priority for Adams

NETTLETON – For Mayor R.V. Adams, his foremost goal from the past has come to fruition, but he’s not stopping with its success thus far.
“When I became mayor, my main goal was to bring jobs to Nettleton. We now have two major manufacturing plant employing around 600 people. This means a lot to Nettleton. I think there will be even more jobs available in Nettleton in the future,” Adams said.
Adams said the two major furniture plants, United Furniture and Home Stretch, are making a line of furniture that can compete in the market.
Nettleton has refinanced its bonds and saved the citizens more than $58,000 in interest during the term of the bonds.
Other projects that Nettleton has completed or received grants for are:
• A grant for a drainage project on Maple Road for $339,060.
• Completed the southwest sewer expansion eliminating septic tanks that were not working. This project was also funded by a grant and a low-interest loan.
• First-time home buyers grants for four people to receive $28,750 each.
• Small municipalities grant for $100,000 to pave streets on the Monroe County side.
• MEMA grant for four community storm shelters.
• Jag Grant for a part-time police officer for two years.
• TAFT grant for $70,000 to pay on a new custom fire truck.
• Grant to plant trees in the park on Union Ave.
• Cleaned and painted the two oldest water tanks and placed all tanks under a maintenance contract to inspect, clean and maintain.
“We are proud of what we have accomplished, but we are working hard on the future of Nettleton. I am working on a grant to replace some of our deteriorating sewer lines, repair two pumping stations and evaluate the remaining sewer lines without raising sewer rates,” Adams said.
Adams said he is also looking for a grant to replace some deteriorating water lines in the city.
“We have outgrown our library and I am looking for a way to build a new library or move it to a larger location. The library is very important to the citizens of Nettleton,” Adams said.
He stated that Sonic is reopening in Nettleton within a few days and he was very excited about that. He said that business would be great for Nettleton.
“In 2013, I will build on the progress that has been achieved over the last five years. I believe we can keep moving forward as one community: black, white, rich, middle class or poor by all working together” Adams said.


NETTLETON MAYOR – Nettleton Mayor R. V. Adams.