Supervisors accept sale of bonds for road project

ABERDEEN – With a unanimous vote, the board of supervisors approved the sale of the $3 million general obligation road and bridge bonds to Duncan-Williams, Inc. during its meeting Friday.
The investment banker offered a good faith check of $3 million, with a gross interest of $256,875 and a net interest cost of 1.361288 percent.
“Bond issues for public entities are like any other borrower. They’re going to look at the credit of the borrower and clearly Monroe County has done an excellent job of keeping its financial house in order. You’ve done a good job with managing resources and the good rating translates to a good interest rate. This rate is one of the best we’ve seen of the public entities in the state,” said bond attorney Sam Keyes, Jr. of Butler Snow.
Duncan-Williams bid the best rate of eight lenders for the much-debated road bond for the county.
Road manager Sonny Clay presented the board with a preliminary list of roads per district to be included in the bond and yearly road maintenance.
“As you know, this is a plan. We may have to change it in the next few months, but it is well thought out and something to start the year off with,” Clay said.
The list presented to the board encompasses more than 500 miles worth of Monroe County roads to be addressed for repair.
Tenn-Tom Moving Youth, Inc. director Ann Tackett also asked the board for financial help to continue the success of the organization’s certified nurse assistant program.
“Since the beginning, the CNA program has enrolled 220 programs in the county and we have a huge success rating. Eighteen of our latest graduates went to work within three weeks of completion so it has an impact on the local economy,” Tackett said.
The Aberdeen program is joined with Meridian, Gulfport, Natchez and Greenwood currently, but Tackett said the program is looking to expand to Itawamba and Chickasaw counties. With 40 students already pre-registered for the next class this spring, she is planning for two classes in the county.
“Our success rate is high, where Natchez may pull six students,” Tackett said.
The program is funded by the Bower Foundation currently, with a commitment to continue for the next three years, but the board is planning to inquire with Three Rivers Planning and Development District to acquire more funding.
In other business, the board approved:
-An order designating generators of waste or property owners whose delinquent garbage fees have become final.
-An award of metal culvert bids from January 2013 until July 2013 to Fulton Pipe and plastic pipe to G&O Supply Co.
-An order filing and recording bond continuation certificate for Tina Evans, accounts payable clerk of the Amory School District.
-An order authorizing the board president to sign the final acceptance letter authorizing the processing of estimate No. 8 and final in regard to Project No. SAP-48 (14) M.
-An order directing clerk to issue warrant on the general county fund payable to the American Red Cross for appropriation of the same.
-An order approving claims.
-An order approving second payroll.

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