Chris Brown Appointed to House Committee on Public Health

Jackson – State Representative Chris Brown (R-District 20) has been appointed by Speaker of the House Phillip Gunn to serve on the very important Public Health Committee. “This appointment recognizes Representative Brown’s dedicated service and his value as a leader who understands the challenges and opportunities facing Mississippi,” said Speaker Gunn. According to Sam Mims (R-McComb), chairman of the Public Health Committee, “It’s an honor to have Chris join the committee. He will be an asset to me and to our state.”
“I am pleased to receive this assignment and will do my best to fulfill the significant responsibilities that come with the job,” said Rep. Chris Brown. Representative Chris Brown also serves on Agriculture, Conservation and Water Resources, Medicaid, Transportation, Ways and Means.
The Mississippi Small Business Regulatory Committee is charged with stream lining regulations on small businesses. It is a Committee that was formed by legislation in the 2012 session and was promoted by Governor Phil Bryant. This committee is important in our efforts to attract and keep small businesses in the state. I look forward to working with the Governor and members of the committee to help bring more and higher paying jobs to Mississippi and District 20.
Rep. Brown has served District 20 (Monroe and Lowndes Counties) since last year. He is also a member of the Agriculture, Conservation and Water Resources, Medicaid, Transportation and Ways and Means Committees.

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  • District Observer

    What qualifications does this person have for this position.

    Only one bill was passed last year and that was to support those who would rob their districts of state money by pulling their children from public schools.

    Oh, and the bill he got on the front page for still hasn’t been filed as of January 22, 2013.

  • Patrick Henry

    Wow, Representative Brown is really on the move in the House. Congrats to him and to Monroe County for having a true leader represent us. This is a great honor and shows that Rep Brown has shown strong leadership skills and hard work while serving us in Jackson. I noticed that he was also on Ways and Means which usually takes years to achieve. We have done a great job and Chris has shown that he is a leader that will continue to shine for us in the House. Congrats to Chris and to Monroe County.

    HB 778 is the house bill that District Observer was talking about. It is moving through the process.

  • District Observer

    HB 778 is a waste of taxpayer time and money.

    HB 778 doesn’t help the voters in Chris Brown’s district. There are no arms manufacturers here!

    Note: The NRA is supporting this legislation in many states and is using it as a litmus test for determining which legislators get more funding. Chris Brown is just following the money.

    Chris Brown is proving to be a follower of the GOP leaders and nothing more. Committee assignments go to followers. Committee chairmanships go to leaders. If he is just going go go lock step with the leadership he won’t go anywhere. If you aren’t the lead dog, the view never changes.

    Chris Brown presold his votes to the NRA and other PACs. At least he has shown that he can keep his word to them even if he won’t do anything for his constituents.

    Incidentally, two major groups are watching the fights other states are having on the ignorant legislation in HB 778. Pot growers and home brewers. Chris Brown really has found some strange political bedfellows!

  • Patrcik Henry

    Observer you have made that accusation that Rep. Brown was “bought” by the NRA? According to the NRA site the former Rep. Puckett was the one that had their endorsement in the last race with Brown. If you can not get simple facts right who will ever take you serious.
    Also you make the connection between the 2nd amendment and pot growers and home brewers??? Are you reading your own posts? Rep Brown has no ( ZERO) votes or bills supporting Pot or Home Brew. Where are you getting your information? Seems like you just like throwing untruths out there and hoping someone will not call you out on it. Maybe you are just a sour Liberal that hates that we have a real Conservative as a Representative. I reviewed the bills Rep Brown has authored and co-authored and they are in line with Conservative values.

  • District Observer

    We don’t have true conservative. A true conservative would work to keep important programs in place such as PERS.

    A true leader wouldn’t co-author legislation that would begin the process of dismantling this important program such as Chris Brown did in HB 486.

    That is the story that needs to be on the front page of the Monroe Journal!

    • Patrcik Henry

      Ha, you are funny. Dismantle? Giving state employees the option to join PERS or not is dismantling it? Only a Liberal would think that empowering people is a bad thing. Did you notice that is co sponsoring a bill to do away with the Legislatures special retirement SLRP??? You failed to mention that didn’t ya? Are you for SLRP? That is part of PERS and only the legislature gets it. Sounds like Brown is working to help us by ending the sweet deals for the Legislature.