Amory School Board briefed on campus safety

AMORY – Campus security and student safety was the focus at the Amory School Board’s regular-called meeting on Jan. 17, its first meeting since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
“As of right now, we are locking the outside doors and the teachers’ doors. At the time the class period starts, the doors should be locked. However, we are looking at other options,” said Amory School District Superintendent Tony Cook.
Cook also stated that the doors going to the vocational building at the high school are not locked.
In a regular session, the board discussed estimate quotes from Precision Communications regarding two security options.
Option one will include putting a key pad or lock on all entrances and exits at each building.
Option two is to place a camera, weatherproof keypad and door buzzer at each main entrance of all schools which will allow a receptionist to monitor everyone who enters the school.
In an executive session, the board approved two actions:
-A recommendation for the expulsion of an eighth grade student at Amory Middle School for selling drugs on school grounds. The student is currently suspended for 10 days.
-The resignation of Mrs. Tierney Hurst, a first grade teacher at West Amory Elementary school effective Jan. 11.