MCSO warns of phone scam

The Monroe County Sheriff Office warns residents to be aware of a phone scam. According to a statement from the MCSO, the department has received several reports of residents receiving calls from phone number 876-429-2512. The caller identifies the company as “Carrier of Delivery Service.”

The caller then will state that the resident has won a prize, but will have to pay shipping and handling. The phone number shows the calls are coming from Jamaica. Most of the calls that have been reported to the MCSO have been made to elderly residents.

The MCSO would like to remind all residents to never give out any personal information over the phone such as social security numbers or bank information. If you are a resident of Monroe County and have received a call please notify the MCSO at 369-2468.

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  • Peter

    Hate these scammers, according from RUScammer it is from Kingston JM at

  • Ryan

    The area code 876 reminds me of the call I got last week. The phone number had a different last 5 digits but it was the same story. Told me I won $1 million and all I needed to do to claim it was pay the processing fee of $550. But as much as it would be nice to become an instant millionaire, I knew it was a bluff. I hung up and reported the call and posted the phone number at Callercenter.