Smithville Hardware a one-stop shopping experience

SMITHVILLE – Even though Allen and Leigh Duncan didn’t get any assistance in rebuilding their business after the April 27, 2011, tornado that demolished Smithville, they felt an obligation to their community and town to rebuild.

ALICE ORTIZ/MONROE JOURNALSMITHVILLE HARDWARE – Allen and Leigh Duncan of Smithville Hardware  put up items in their new hardware store.

SMITHVILLE HARDWARE – Allen and Leigh Duncan of Smithville Hardware put up items in their new hardware store.

“I felt like we hadn’t finished the job we started on with this business and we needed to build back,” Allen said.
The business was established in 1922 as Harmon & Lyle Merchandisers. It was owned by E. S. Ferguson at one time. James Burrow owned it for a few years before David Ray Brasfield eventually bought it.
“I came around here at age 10 and David Ray started letting me do little jobs. I’ve practically grown up in Smithville Hardware. When he passed away and Miss Jean said he wanted me to buy it, I was honored. I couldn’t let the business die after the tornado because he had placed his trust in me,” Allen said.
The new Smithville Hardware is laid out with a more open concept. One of the teller windows from the original Bank of Smithville is installed in the store. Old brick from the old store has also been used inside and outside.
“I cleaned almost 90,000 old bricks from the store after it was blown away. I have about 40,000 left that are clean and ready to use. Since I don’t have any use for them, I would like to sell them,” Allen said.
The Duncans are steadily building their stock back up after reopening. They said they would be back up to full capacity within a year.
Part of the inside has been built back the same way as the old store was.
They still carry electrical and plumbing supplies for the professional or do-it-yourself types. They have hand tools and power tools. Well pumps and supplies can still be found at Smithville Hardware.
Smithville Hardware has lawn and garden materials and are still doing lawnmower repairs.
Allen and Leigh have a large display filled with Lodge® cast iron cookware.
Several rafters used for displays in the store are made out of wood from the old store.
“We still special order items for our customers,” Leigh said.
They also do fabrication and other detailed and specialty work.
Smithville Hardware has the following items for the outside: rocking chairs, benches, fire pits, wrought iron shepherd’s hook, trellises and tomato cages in all colors.
The store carries more kitchen items and a new item is safety sunglasses. Smithville Hardware also has an excellent selection of pocket knifes in stock.
A popular item at the hardware store is Drake hunting clothing and accessories.
“We opened up as soon as we could after the tornado to help our community and town. We don’t have any  signs up yet, but it is still business as usual.
“Our hours are not set in stone. If a customer calls just before closing and needs something, we wait for them. Taking care of our customers is how we do business,” Allen said.

Name:  Smithville Hardware
Owner: Allen and Leigh Duncan
Employees: 4
Address: Highway 25 North, Smithville
Phone: 651-4576
Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday – 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Wednesday – 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.; Saturday – 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.