When cold bones are slow to move

I’m not sure if it’s an accomplishment to a lack of motivation or a sad sign from where I used to be, but for the entire month of January, I never saw the other side of the Monroe County line.
Back in junior high, it was these days and weeks that dragged by with a slow creep before a driver’s license was a ticket to freedom to a whole new world. After the thrill of spinning tires started to subside, there was plenty of space for downtime.
As soon as the temperatures slowly rise into the 70s for the norm, the miserably hot days of summer and favorable fall weather all fly right back into Christmastime again.
It’s the slow creep of wintertime I used to hate and so many people still loathe, but it’s not as slow to pass like it used to be. The older you get, the faster time flies by and the busier you get to be.
Don’t let running around on Mondays get you down because it’s about to be Friday again. Pick and choose your weekends wisely when they do roll back around to you.
Cups of hot chocolate, DVDs from Christmas and flannel PJ pants only work for so many months out of the year so take advantage while you can.
As last week’s weather has reminded us, it’s nothing to flip flop from shorts to winter coats within 24 hours when you live around here. Quick trips peddling around on the bike and 30 more good minutes of daylight after signs of better things to come, but if you don’t slow down to take in, it’ll all subside before you know it.
It’s easy to get burnt out on anything. If I was to go three months of sticking closer to home, I’d dread even going there after work. If I had so many work obligations, 30 days would feel like a month of Mondays and I’d eventually do whatever it took just to get by.
Throughout the year, it’s nice to have diversity. The fluctuations of seasons dictate the fluctuations of motivation.
Like bears forage for food to prepare for hibernation, the rush of football season jamming right into holiday shopping and pageantry wears us out for the colder months.
The sunshine helps boost spirits, but lows in the upper 20s make it hard to throw off the covers to even see it peering through the shades. By the time it sets for the day and TV shows come off of a holiday hiatus, the couch seems like an ideal destination.
It’s early but the trips, events and forthcoming good times are slowly beginning to make it on my calendar months from now so I’m pacing myself slowly into a new year.
Before I know it, it’ll be over with too and I’ll be right back sipping on hot chocolate and enjoying another January.

Ray Van Dusen is the news editor of the Monroe Journal. He can be contacted at ray.vandusen@journalinc.com.

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