Supervisors sign off on prison dog program

ABERDEEN – In a matter originally discussed late last year, the board of supervisors approved a resolution Friday relative to a program that will enable Monroe County inmates to help train dogs at the Aberdeen Animal Shelter in obedience and social skills before being adopted. The program is sponsored by the Young Lawyer’s Division of the American Bar Association.
The supervisors approved the bonding of four deputies at $145 per year to collect fees at the Monroe County Detention Center. This move will prevent weekend-long jail stays for people picked up on a Friday for owing fees related to charges who otherwise would have to wait until Monday for someone to accept payment.
District 1 supervisor Doug Wiggins proposed two ideas that would, if adopted, save time for sheriff’s department deputies and boost productivity in all departments.
“Our officers spend a lot of time tending to the same cows in the road that belong to people who don’t want to fix their fences and the same security alarms that have problems,” Wiggins said.
Supervisors discussed a better way of tracking repeat calls from citizens for these calls. Wiggins also questioned the possibility of installing filters to cut down on leisure internet time from county employees.
“I’d like to know how many times people look at their Facebook everyday while they’re on the clock. I’ve been in all the buildings and see a lot of lost productivity. I don’t want other people having to stay late because somebody else spent a lot of time reading a book on their Nook,” Wiggins said.
County administrator Mike King is checking on enacting filters on certain websites.
In other business, the board approved:
•A reappointment of Mac Allen Thomas to the Itawamba Community College board of trustees.
•An order designating generators of waste or property owners whose delinquent garbage bills have become final.
•An order authorizing board president to sign local confinement reimbursement report for the county jail for the month of December 2012 in the amount of $13,999.36 and for the county/state/work facility in the amount of $29,737.34 for the same month.
•An order receiving and approving January 2013 surrendered tag listings.
•An order receiving and approving supplemental mobile home assessment roll for Jan. 2013.
•A resolution authorizing part of yearly appropriation to the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce in the amount of $70,000.
•An order approving bond continuation certificate for road manager Sonny Clay.
•An order filing and recording bond for Amory Middle School principal Kenneth Byars.
•An order receiving and filing on minutes a certificate of completion from the Mississippi Development Authority in regard to the closeout of a Community Development Block Grant project at Holley Performance Products.
•A request for the purchase of an iPad for youth court officer Hunter Knight.
•An order authorizing the board president and clerk to sign letters of support in regard to grant for a leadership development program for Tenn-Tom Moving Youth.
•A request for the sale of a compactor body from the county’s sanitation department to Calhoun County.
•A request to approve state aid road work for the county.
•A request for payment to EK Automation in the amount of $119,108 for HVAC work at the Monroe County Government Complex.
•An order for claims
•An order for second payroll of the month.

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