We’re working to fulfill our goals as journalists

At the beginning of the year, we promised to mark this year by better serving our readers by becoming a more active participant in providing Monroe County and its residents a newspaper that delivers responsible journalism.
We’ve made a move at doing just that this past week when we better organized our planning processes and you, the reader, will soon see a noticeable improvement in how we cover issues that need addressing in our communities.
As we said earlier this year, the principles of good journalism require that we provide the public information it needs to be “free and self-governing.”
In order for that to happen, our first and foremost task is our obligation to the truth.
We’re currently outlining several community issues that need to be addressed. Our efforts are not attempts to uncover our shortcomings, but to focus on how we can improve our quality of life. And, as always, we are certainly open to input from our readers.
We’re a small staff here, but committed to making sure that Monroe County becomes the best it can be.
And we need your help
Take an honest look around. If there’s an issue that’s troublesome, let us know and we’ll do our best to bring it to the forefront of the whole community to get it addressed and corrected.

About Charlie Langford

Charlie Langford is the general manager of the Monroe Journal.