Aldermen schedule special meeting for new APD hire

By Carolyn Parson
For the Monroe Journal
ABERDEEN – The Aberdeen Board of Aldermen’s meeting was brief on Feb. 19. Mayor Cecil Belle was out of town and so Ward 2 aldermen Wilchie Clay presided over the meeting. Nobody had anyone to contribute to the citizen input and the board handled the usual business of paying bills and approving last meeting minutes.
Police Chief Henry Randle, presented a candidate for the Aberdeen Police Department. The board was given an application for the candidate, but decided to delay the vote until board members that desired to do so could personally interview the candidate.
Since the mayor and Ward 5 alderman John Allen were absent from the meeting, the board decided to schedule a special meeting for interviewing the candidate.
The board in the past has voted on candidates without the board of aldermen interviewing, but the current board members thought the new process offered more accountabilithy.
The city’s handbook gives the board of aldermen the option of interviewing any candidate applying for city employment. All city employment hires must be approved by the board.

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