Supervisors assure fire truck maintenance for volunteer departments

ABERDEEN – Acting as a liaison between the county’s 14 volunteer fire department chiefs and the board of supervisors, county fire coordinator Bo Hill discussed certain language in a contract regarding equipment maintenance at the March 8 supervisors meeting.
The consensus of eight fire chiefs present at Thursday evening’s fire department meeting was to clear up any questions regarding section nine of the contract stating the roles each department has in maintaining the fire trucks. The contract states each department shall maintain its fire trucks, raising concern of the county’s interaction in maintenance.
“We’ve never turned down any needed maintenance work. I don’t think we need to check the oil and water in the radiator every time they need to use a truck, but do we keep a record of maintenance and tell the chief if it’s time for an oil change. The county will make any repairs as it sees needed,” said road manager Sonny Clay.
Board president Billy Kirkpatrick stated he wanted a level of comfort that the county’s fire trucks will be taken care of from a department standpoint in inspections.
The language of the contract has been in place for years upon recommendation of the state fire marshal.
“I want the departments to be assured that we will take care of them and the board wants the fire departments to know they are represented,” said board president Billy Kirkpatrick.
Early discussion of District 3 supervisor Carol Crawford’s proposed county animal control officer continued Friday. District 5 supervisor Robert Tomey stated he had four calls regarding problems with animals in his district last year and was able to handle three of them himself.
The biggest issue regarding the board is the cost attached.
“I have concerns on costs too, but I’m concerned about the cost if we don’t anything about it,” Crawford said.
From the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office standpoint, any vicious dog attacks are handled like any other case that comes with an investigation. Crawford argues an animal control officer can alleviate those man hours from the MCSO.
“I get so many calls from outside of my jurisdiction of dogs dropped off or about vicious dogs not letting people get out of their houses. It’s a countywide problem,” said Aberdeen animal control officer Larry Jackson.
The supervisors are only in the dialogue stage of Crawford’s request and no action has been taken.
In other business, the board approved:
•An order designating generators of waste of property owners whose delinquent garbage fees have become final.
•An order receiving and approving supplemental mobile home assessment roll for the month of February 2013. The approval deals with the addition of seven new mobile homes registered last month to property in the county.
•An order receiving homestead exemption reimbursement in the amount of $324,729.26 with the majority going into the county’s general fund and $88,638.43 going to the Monroe County School fund and $18,471.10 going to the Nettleton school fund.
•An order receiving, approving and filing on minutes acknowledgment that a site inspection for Community Development Block Grant funding was conducted by staff of the Community Services Division, Mississippi Development Authority, is a continuation of the review process and does not guarantee funding through said program.
•An order directing clerk to issue warrant on the general county fund for temporary transfer to the Innovative Sports Design CAPS Fund.
•An order receiving and filing on minutes fully-executed Delta Computer Systems, Inc. Computer Software Support Agreement Addendum for Monroe County Circuit Clerk’s office.
•An order receiving and filing on minutes fully-executed Delta Computer Systems, Inc. Computer Software Support Agreement Addendum for Monroe County Tax Collector’s office.
•An order allowing travel expense for District 4 supervisor Fulton Ware to attend the MAS-MC Educational Conference to be held in Tunica.

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