Amory police nab one for auto burglary

The Amory Police Department arrested a suspect on March 21 on vehicle burglary charges.
Walter Lee Buckner, 35 of Amory, is currently charged with one count of vehicle burglary and one count of attempted vehicle burglary with a bond set at $25,000.00, however he is being investigated as a suspect in several other similar cases, according to a release from the APD.
The assistance of local citizens was instrumental in identifying Buckner as a suspect.  Anyone who has information about crimes is requested to contact the Amory Police Department at 256-2676.

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  • Mike

    Its about time!!!!!! The APD had video footage of this same man roughly 2 years ago from a concerned citizen that took it upon themselves to set up video in their driveway because they were sick and tired of their vehicles being robbed on a regular basis and nothing being done about it. He had very identifiable tattoos that could have easily been entered into a data base that would have identified him. If that was too much trouble, has the words CRIME STOPPERS OF NORTH MS ever entered anyone’s mind. He had a facebook page with 1473 friends. On this page were NUMEROUS pictures with the same tattoos very visible in each picture. If the video footage of him in this concerned citizens yard had of been put on the local news on the crime stoppers segment I can almost promise one of his 1473 FB friends would have busted him and grabbed that $1,000.00. Do you people know how many cars have been robbed since then. I sure hope that finger printing was done on each of these vehicles or they are gonna have NOTHING to prove his guilt. The people I know that have had their cars robbed say NO fingerprinting was done!!!!! Some even asked for it and didn’t get it!!!! Nice detective work APD!!!!!! The article states that the assistance of local citizens was instrumental in catching this guy–SERIOUSLY–its the only way he was caught!!!!

    • Frances Gann

      My son’s truck was broke into last week by this lowlife. It was a big loss. The bad thing about it was it was the second time my home has been hit. The first time was several months ago. I don’t understand why he got away for so long since he was working the whole town. The chief’s parents live on my street also. I will say the first time was forgot about but this time a very nice detective came over and spent a lot of time going over truck and I watched him take fingerprints. My son has just quit law enforcement and was present with the detective. I don’t think he was doing the breakins alone because my neighbor told me she heard voices. Even though one lowlife has been caught I think there is more with him and I will be watching and waiting to see them caught. My next door neighbor was hit the same night and I have made neighbors aware. Everyone get with your neighbors and tell them to watch out.

  • Ronald Douglas

    We have a bad drug problem in Amory and that is why people are stealing . People don’t still to eat . Why the Amory police not making more drug arrest . I heard the dept is to afraid to open that can of worms. I think the chief as gotten to comfortable in his job . You never see him . I bet you see him at railroad festival this year being that it and election year.