Museum paver bricks available

AMORY – Amory Regional Museum, through the Friends of the Amory Regional Museum, are sponsoring a paver brick sale. The 4 x 8 clay paver bricks can include three lines of inscription with 20 characters per line, including spacing and punctuation are $75.
The bricks are to be placed in the front of the museum.
“These make great gifts for wedding anniversaries, a school class or just commemorating any event. They also make good memorial gifts,” said Amory Regional Museum Director Bo Miller.
A form to order the paver bricks is available at the museum. For more information, call 256-2761.

  • Museum Friend

    This is a good fundraiser.

    Is there some way to know what the money will be used for?

    Isn’t the museum funded by the city? Why does it need more money?

    Is there an audit of the funds that the museum takes in?

    Does the city account for all of the money that comes in? If so, how?

    How much oversight is over this account?

    Is there some way that the exhibits at the museum are inventoried?

    Have all exhibits been accounted for?

    Have any exhibits been sold?

    Were the proceeds from those exhibits accounted for?