March. The epicenter of awesome?

Every year around Spring Break, the creative converge on Austin, Texas as a showcase of talents that may or may not blossom out throughout the rest of the year. Every year around March or April, you revel in the blossoming of color as trees and plants give way to an early sign of green held throughout most of the remainder of the year.
Friends disagree when I say they’ll miss the cold weather once it’s gone, but I guess those months were more of a buildup to now than they were time to keep warm and comfy while recovering from the holidays.
Seven day forecasts don’t come with guarantees that the weather is content with staying in either the 70s or the 20s this time of year. It is Mississippi and the saying goes that only here can you run your heater and air conditioner in the same day.
That saying shouldn’t be confined within these statelines as the thin wire between winter and spring keeps pent up spirits guessing week in and week out everywhere.
Green means go and the ongoing signs of spring weeds and beginning emergence of warm season grasses is a sign of the times for those ready to get out and play.
Jan. 1 gave everybody hope of a fresh start. For those slow to ease away from the heater, short sleeves and longer days give hope to another kind of beginning.
It’s easy to use cloudy days and the cold as an excuse to break that New Year’s resolution to get fit, but it’s just as easy to pick up where you left off since being outside this time gives you so much more.
There’s science behind those trees starting to bud out slowly play host to limbs full of leaves. Just like they’ve waited a season to start putting out new life, there’s a lot of music, movies and technology that’s been a long time in the making coming by way of Austin.
The South by Southwest Festival, commonly known as SXSW, started in 1987 and has blossomed into a premiere event for unsigned artists crossing paths with superstars with years of credibility behind them.
The once under the radar event is a mainstream sign of the season like a new baseball season providing hope for your favorite team and spring fever providing for brand new relationships in love.
There are dues being paid every night in the big cities, garages and small music scenes across the nation and SXSW can maybe make for a big break and maybe even your new favorite song in the months to come.
Take a drive through town this time of year and challenge yourself to listen to a song that’s ahead of the mainstream curve and it’s easy to see. Spring is so much more than the gateway season to summer. Spring is about new beginnings.
From what may be your new favorite tune of the year or the simplicity of a yellowhammer’s song upon its welcome return to the warm, this is the time of year that puts a harmonious burst of energy in everybody so get out and enjoy it.

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