Kennedy re-elected as mayor of Smithville

SMITHVILLE — Incumbent Smithville Mayor Gregg Kennedy defeated opponent Holly Cooley with 161 votes to Cooley’s 49 in the town’s general election Tuesday.
Kennedy was elected to his fourth term as Smithville’s mayor. He has previously served three terms as an alderman and has been overseeing the rebuilding of the town after the tornado of April 27, 2011.
“We’ve got the blueprints and the funding to where we want to go,” Kennedy said about the rebuilding and after the votes were counted. “A lot of decisions had to be made and now we have to put all of our hard work into place. With all the federal and state agencies knowing what this election meant, everyone across the state was watching.”
Elected to the board of aldermen were Earl Wayne Cowley, 155 votes; Jimmy Dabbs, 131 votes; Johnny Snow, 131 votes; Jim Herren, 120 votes and incumbent Joyce Avery, 114 votes.
Others receiving votes were: incumbent Ruth Whitehead, 89 votes; Kim Johnson, 84 votes; Richard Alred, 66 votes; Byron Coker, 62 votes; and Sherrell C. Clark, 54 votes,Smithville’s elected officials were expected to be sworn in June 27 at 2 p.m.
Tyrone James, 757 votes, defeated Wes Kirkpatrick, 660 votes, to claim the alderman at large post.
In Ward 3, incumbent Tony Poss, 214 votes, defeated challenger Jimmy Blankenship, 91 votes.
In Ward 4, Glen Bingham, 211 votes, defeated, Eddie Wilemon, 63 votes.
Elected earlier were Brad Blalock as mayor, Buddy Carlisle, alderman Ward 1, and John Darden, alderman Ward 2.
Amory’s officials will be sworn in on June 30 at 2 p.m. at the Gilmore Foundation.

Staff writer Emily Tubb contributed to this story.

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