Mother allowed to keep Memorial on Highway

AMORY – Sherrell Clark, whose daughter and unborn twin grandchildren, were killed in an auto accident in 2006, has been given permission to leave her memorial standing.  MDOT met with Cox this morning at the site of the memorial located on Highway 371 just north of Cason Road.  MDOT measured the distance from the highway and the memorial is at least 7 feet outside of the right of way.

Clark’s daughter, Tory Lynn Cox Plunkett, was killed in a head on collision with a drunk driver on April 8,2006. Her unborn twins also died as did the driver of the other vehicle.

Clark originally erected the memorial at the site of the accident, but was informed that is was in the right of way and had to be moved. She was relocated to its current location, just north of Cason Road. The sign-like memorial shows pictures of Clark’s daughter and two newborn children.

  • Joy Boutwell

    I’ve never lost a child in a auto acident before. But, I can understand what the memorials mean to the families whom have.

    My husband and I have traveled to most lower 48 states. We’ve noticed some states with signs placed roadside “In Memory of whomever”, usually with don’t drink or text and drive.

    This might be something MDOT might consider doing. Even if the families have to purchase the signs. MDOT can have better control of what and where the memorials are placed.

  • my3sons

    I have wondered about the monument at Nettleton at the railroad track where the four boys were killed. Does anyone know if that will have to be removed? I am sure they had to get permission before it was put up to begin with.
    I know this is heartbreaking for all the families who are being told they have to take theirs down. The memorials are very special to them.