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Stepping out into Alzheimer’s World

By Mary Nell Dorris/For the Monroe Journal One day I was so stressed because Hopson would not stand up that I began to try and reason with him. He was on the toilet. Finally, I said, “Hopson, why won’t you get up?” His answer was, “Because the legislature doesn’t give a d—.” I don’t remember […]

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Facts about suicide and its prevention

By MONROE COUNTY DEPUTY CORONER BOBBY CLEVELAND Suicide in the United States is a major public health problem. According to the American Association of Suicidology 2014 report, an average of one person every 12.3 minutes died by suicide resulting in 42,773 deaths nationwide. The data also shows suicide as the 10th ranking cause of death […]

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911 dispatchers are the ‘first first responders’

A tornado, a heart attack, a house fire, a shooting. It could take as long as only a few seconds for one of these tragedies to strike and in their aftermath, every second counts. Whether it be law enforcement, firefighters or a paramedic someone needs in the most dire of emergencies, the most effective thing […]

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Paint the Town Blue for our men and women in blue

About a month ago, I had a Motor Coach trip to Columbia. As the bus was maneuvering through the streets of Columbia, we all noticed there were blue ribbons throughout town. Businesses had them and going down residential streets, houses had them hanging on mailboxes, posts and light fixtures too. Everybody on our trip commented […]

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Community cleanup a Band-aid to an epidemic

It wasn’t necessarily a fireside chat, but I started a conversation with Linda and Frank Record about this time last week that it didn’t seem like nearly a year ago when I was sitting in the same seat by the couple’s fireplace. The story I was writing about then was in regards to cancer and […]

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September an important month for the issues affecting our community

While each month is set aside by the powers that be, whoever they are, for communities to recognize specific causes or concerns, September is one that aims to shed light on two very important causes that, in one way or another, directly affects most every person living in Monroe County as being both National Recovery […]

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What has happened to customer service

I was never a fan of when I was shopping and stepped into a store and someone immediately asking if they could help me, or when they would follow me around asking if they could help. I get it that they were taught to do that for their job. I just never particularly liked someone […]

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Ten percent of giving doesn’t compare to 100 percent of heart

When it comes to tithing at church, the practice is best explained as taking a leap of faith. The giving of 10 percent of your annual income in modern times helps carry on the church’s mission and a tradition of giving to God first recorded in the book of Genesis. What good deeds we do […]

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Motivation is worth more than all the gold, silver and bronze in the world

What we know as 19 days calendared around the hype of swimming, beach volleyball and whitewater kayaking on a global competitive scale can be traced back to more humble beginnings than what culminated in Athens, Greece in 1896. Olympic fever has swept through the world the past couple of weeks and dominated NBC coverage here […]

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