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If you need some advice, Devy will help you out soon

Here at the Monroe Journal, we are always looking for new ways to inform and entertain our readers. Sometimes we miss the mark, and it’s back to the drawing board. Sometimes we chew over an idea for years before really locking it down in print. Such is the case for our latest upcoming offering to […]

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Pokemon can’t make those problems go away, but it can distract

As complicated as writing about fiscal years and assessments are, they’re more understandable to me these days than the premise behind Pokemon. With the exception of a few Nicktoons, the occasional “Kim Possible” and a few shows on Cartoon Network, I was long-removed from several cartoons by the late 90s and early 2000s, making the […]

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Mission trip features cold showers and ants

Mario and I did our annual mission trip a few weeks ago to Crossville and Kilpatrick, Alabama, where we did a Vacation Bible School and helped plant a church for Hispanics that live in that area. We never know where we will be staying. We have had some great places to stay and some not […]

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What spins us through these long, never-ending summer days

A gray Huffy 18-speed mountain bike with a little bit of green. A red Danny Way H-Street skateboard with a few scuff marks here and there. These are a couple of the details I’m quick to recall now about what helped spin my way through summer vacations. As fast as these long days are fading […]

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These community names will still be spoken even though they’re gone

Everybody is famous in his or her own hometown and when it comes to a place like Monroe County, city limit lines can’t contain that popularity. With the passing of anyone familiar, shockwaves can surpass those city limits signs and with the passing of community staples, you know how shocked you can feel. The Monroe […]

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What you could have makes you see what you’ve got

In the days of 1980s hair metal bands, it was hard to avoid a power ballad. Some listeners of the time would probably agree Cinderella’s “You Don’t Know What You’ve Got (Till It’s Gone),” was the one that sticks in your head more than any of them. As shrill as vocalist Tom Keifer’s voice was […]

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Reboots, schmeboots; we’re living in a totally different time

Admittedly, I am kind of exciting to go see the new “Independence Day” movie this weekend. Thinking back to about this time 20 years ago, the excitement of seeing the original was a bit more amped up, though. If memory serves me right, it took three tries on a Wednesday night to drive all the […]

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All the gas money saved couldn’t have matched the nostalgia of cruising

I don’t know Chad Houston, but anyone who remembers driving the strip in Amory can agree he has a winning idea. After being tagged in a Facebook comment of Houston’s last week about how parts of Highway 278 and Main Street, once bumper with bumper with teenager traffic, now seem like a ghost town on […]

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We’ve all got opinions, and all newspapers have a place for them

Opinions can hurt, and opinions can help. No matter in what context we deliver them, every single one of us has an opinion. Whatever that is could potentially hurt one person or help another. In recent weeks, words published on the Monroe Journal’s opinion page have stirred up plenty of words out of people’s mouths. […]

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