Supervisors to hire urban planner to aid in development

The Union County Supervisors were to vote to hire Mike Slaughter and his firm to construct the county’s comprehensive plan during a special session on Thursday morning.

Slaughter is currently working on the comprehensive plan for New Albany and Blue Springs.

“Since we are working with the city and Blue Springs, tying in Union County would be the most economical way to create a plan,” Slaughter said during the supervisors regular weekly meeting on Monday. “After we iron out a few details, my firm is prepared to move forward.”

Slaughter said a typical comprehensive plan takes 12-18 months, but in Mississippi there a few cases in which they are trying to move faster.

In light of working with the Mississippi gulf coast, we wanted to complete their plan in 12 months or under and I think we need to do the same thing here, Slaughter said. With the Toyota development cranking up, we will try nine months or less.

During the Monday meeting, the supervisors said they still needed to negotiate the price of hiring the firm.

County Attorney Thad Mueller said the firm did review the mobile home ordinance. He said he is meeting with health department officials on Tuesday morning to answer questions about the ordinance, after which the ordinances should get the green light.

Phil Morris has a petition to enlarge CR 212 back to his property.

We had one objection or concern from a adjoining landowner, worried about the dust, Morris said.

B&B Concrete is buying property to allow their trucks to pass safely, according to Morris. They have agreed to buy James Hogues property and lengthen a culvert.

The new Abermar subdivision is partly in the county, put wants to use street names instead of county road numbers. The area of the subdivision located in the county could be annexed into the city soon, but until then not placing numbers on the streets would conflict with county road management according to the supervisors. The board would have to pass an amendment to let the area have street names.

County Engineer Hubert Foley spoke to the board about resealing some of the county roads. He said there would have to be a reseal project during the next term because many of the roads were damaged from dry weather and other causes.

Supervisor Danny Jordan asked Foley if there was a way to get up the reflectors to reseal and then reapply the reflectors on the roads.

Foley said that reflectors cost approximately $400 a mile and it might be cheaper to buy new ones as opposed to reusing the old ones.

The supervisors and Foley also discussed a re-striping of the roads, after the resealing project.

Jordan asked Foley if there was enough money to pay for the resealing project without working on the bridges.

Foley said that there was plus addition money to work on a few bridges.

Some of the bridges are really bad and need work, Foley said and added a few that came to his mind.

The supervisors approved the September minutes, along with the medical examiner and circuit clerk fees.

The money budgeted during the 2007 Little League season was presented.

The fire department disposed of several inoperable computers.

The board voted to verify the maps for the 2010 census. The government will send their maps to the county and it is up to the county to make corrections if a road has been created or a house built that the government does not know about. If the county decided not to verify the information, an incorrect census count could effect the grants available to Union County.