Keeping business at home generates a beneficial effect for our community

Several weeks ago, Union County Schools sponsored the Union County Cross-Country Invitational track meet. With participation from schools as far away as Horn Lake and South Panola, the event was a success for the kids, the schools, the City of New Albany and Union County.

So whats the big deal about having a track meet here? These events bring the students, their teachers, parents and school fans that will eat at our restaurants, buy gas at our service stations, shop in our stores for things they forgot or just need. The money they spend adds to our economy by multiplying throughout to benefit all of us.

The multiplier effect is as old as the concept of tourism. At its most basic level, tourism generated by school sporting activities and festivals has the potential for making a real difference if such events are continued. Even more successful if all the drink and food vendors and entertainment are locals and not from outside of the county, carrying their earnings back home with them.

It is much the same with existing businesses right here at home. Their successes translate by multiplication into successes for the rest of us. Thats why doing business with those who do business with you, makes all the sense in the world. At the same time, it also makes sense to know where your money is going after you spend it with the local merchant.

Many of our local merchants try hard to spend their money with other local merchants, while others bring impressive amounts of money into our county by producing products and services that people from outside our area want and need. In doing so, these local merchants have invested and are investing lots of money into equipment, property and people to add to our economy, thus providing a multiplier-benefit for all of us.

New Albany Publishing Company, publisher of this newspaper, the Gazette-Guide, The North Mississippi Advertiser and Mississippi Homes, is proud to not only contribute to the economy at home, but equally proud to be the only publication in Union County to actually print in Union County. At the same time, our presses print two Lee County weekly newspapers and four Lee County monthly publications, a Prentiss County weekly newspaper, two community college publications, one out of Itawamba County and one out of Prentiss County, a public interest publication out of Monroe County, a financial publication out of the state of Tennessee, a Baptist publication out of Manhatchie, a monthly Ole Miss publication, an informational publication out of Tippah County and various other publications from outside of our city and county.

At the end of the day, the twenty-plus employees of New Albany Publishing Company, who also subscribe to the theory of doing business with those who do business with you, are pleased to not only contribute advertising and printing dollars to add to the economy at home by printing here, but also to bring in extra printing dollars to help make our economy grow, not the economies of Tupelo and Lee County.