Communication is key for West Union

Being able to communicate on the court is an important part of basketball. Getting the play called early, and making sure everyone on the court is on the same page can be a hard task for any point guard. This is the task West Union’s Wesley Jumper has had to deal with this year, but his job s different from most, one of his guards is hearing impaired.

Sophomore Matthew Gordon is enjoying playing his first year of basketball for West Union, and the team is learning better communication skills because of his presence on the court.

West Union boys basketball head coach Kevin William said, “Our guys have to find ways to alert him of the play call, or to someone behind him. They have really done well and adapted.”

Williams said Gordon is an excellent lip reader and that has helped the team communicate with him. On the court, Jumper has taken Gordon under his wing and helped him stay in the game.

“I have always been the point guard. It is my job to make sure everybody on the court knows what’s happening. If that means a little extra work to help Matthew know what’s happening, then that is what I will do,” Jumper said.

Gordon said he has really enjoyed playing for the Eagles and appreciates the help his teammates give him on the court.

“They make sure I know the play call and tell me when someone is coming behind me,” Gordon said.

Coach Williams said the only problems they have had have been alerting Gordon when someone was behind him or he needed to go help under the goal.

“We have had to use a lot of signals to get his attention. He does a good job of paying attention to what’s happening on the court and seeing where he needs to be,” Williams said.

Gordon is an excellent student as well, maintaining an A average in his classes.

“I am proud of the way our team has adjusted. They have shown a lot of maturity on the court. I am proud of all of them.