Macedonia News 11/30

I didnt get the news in for last weeks (11-23) edition so my news will be a week late. I just let the time slip up on me. Our mail doesnt come until 3:00 P.M. or 3:30 P.M. So when I picked up the Gazette and read I needed my news there by 5:00 P.M. Friday, and that was Friday, I knew there was no way!

Open House and Celebration at Sarah and Booker Farrs was Sunday, November 18. It was hosted by their children.

The house is just beautiful! Of course Sarah has very little thing it takes to make the house look perfect, even if it is just another pillow or a little figurine, she knows where to put it. Booker has a really big shop built in back of the house.

Tables and chairs were set up on the patio, which was so nice with a lovely, little pool right at the edge. All kinds of dips, bread, hors doevuress and plenty of desserts, punch, coffee, or water were served. A large crowd was touring the house and just enjoying the get together!

I talked to a Mrs. Charlie Rutledge from Louisville, MS on Thursday, November 15. They used to live in New Albany and she still takes the paper. I hope her husband is better. He got stung by fire ants!

Shelia Parker suffered a Clorox burn, another Thanksgiving cooking casualty! Oh, now where was that burn, Shelia?

We forgot about the Tuesday night church services (in place of Wednesday night). We were late getting back from a doctors visit in Tupelo, just came in, nested awhile, then started supper, I mean, this was just Tuesday night. We didnt remember until Shelia called to know if we were sick!

I got the Boot off!! That thing that helped my broken leg and made me able to get around had begun to feel like an albatross around my neck! Nearly six months! I can now wear two shoes, walk with just a cane and I made Choir Practice Sunday afternoon.

Cyndi Hester is back at work with her boot off. She wears a brace on that ankle.

Betty Carter was better, then she developed a blood clot in her neck. She went to New Albany Hospital on November 21,and stayed there for treatment. She as supposed to come home on November 25.

Sue Shelton has not been feeling too good.

Aileen Freeman is doing very good.

James Shirley go the stitches out of his lip, and he has been coming to church, but still does not feel up to par.

Malcolm only got a check-up on his Oxford trip. He will have to go to Memphis for surgery to remove the oil from his eyed. We are waiting on the doctor to call.

Jim Black has several doctor visits this week. It was Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but Monday got cancelled. Jim is not feeling as well. Guess not, with all them doctor visits!

Mary Ellen Bowling fell and broke her hip. She is in the hospital in Oxford.

Bubby Cobb went to the hospital Sunday with chest pain. They ran test Monday and think it is gall bladder trouble.

On November 18, the family gave Mrs. Gladys McCauley a Birthday Party. Her birthday as November 20, she was 99! About 45 people were present at her party among them were Brother Louie Williams and his family, Brother Foley and Latane.

Mrs. Gladys had a beautiful cake with her name on it, nuts, a strawberry cake, spirals and punch. She got several really nice gifts.

Elizabeth and Joe Hale had their family for Thanksgiving on November 18.

Sybil Farr had her family Thanksgiving on Saturday, November 25. On Sunday morning she and son Tim, went to Cornersville Baptist Church to hear Carroll Roberson sing and preach. Of course, Brother Preston Farr, her husband, was the pastor at Cornersville before his health failed. Then Tim stayed to come to church with Sybil at Macedonia Sunday night.

Our Thanksgiving went really well considering some werent here. Hailey had to work, James Michael ate with his grandmother (and hunted). Nancy went to her mothers but sent pie and rolls, so that just left me and Malcolm, Belinda and Gary. But we wer joined by Ray Shirley, Pat Moody who brought Broccoli Casserole, Haileys favorite, and Ricky Moody. Belinda furnished turkey, ham and side dishes. Malcolm and I did the rest.

Shirley and James Shirley had all their children Thanksgiving. Just family, but had a good crowd and plenty of good food.

Jim and Twanda Black had a good day. All the family was there, everybody did the cooking. That afternoon Jonathan, Angela and Stone Fair visited as well as Danny and Gail Stanton. Saturday Terrell and Mary Rhea and Bill and Dorothy Bostwick visited. Sunday s guests were James and Shirley Shirley, Coleman Rhea, and Harold Whitehorn.

Martha and Raymond Owen had their children and families for Thanksgiving. They also had a very good day.

Last Sunday, (November 18), April Robbins sang special music. She did such a good job – beautiful song!

Brother Louies message was from Acts that day, 3:1-11.

Sunday night we met in the Family Life Center. Kelvin Meeks brought an evening Devotional thought. Then we had food and there was plenty of it.

Tana Miller sang the special music Sunday. She did so good!

Brother Louies sermon The Miracle of Birth was based on John 1:6-13. Or was it titled Becoming a Child of God? Either way, it was a very good sermon!

Sunday night the Childrens Choir sang an old song with a new twist (or clap?). Real cute! Good work, Carol!

On Sunday nights the people have been filling out a little booklet about Jesus, Believing and Church. We lost ours and there were not any more!

On Sunday, December 2nd at 2:00 P.M. there will be a baby shower for Brandi Cooper in the Family Life Center. (Its a boy).

On December 4th at 6:30 P.M. Association Pastors and Wives supper will be at Coffeys Fish and Steak House.

On December 5th the Senior Adults will meet at 11:00 A.M. at the church for a trip to Taylors for lunch. The bus will leave from the church at 11:00 A.M. Husbands are welcome.

Busy week!