Philadelphia news 11/30

Dont forget Philadelphias 160 birthday celebration Sunday, December 2, beginning at 10:00 A.M. You are invited.

We were reminded that December is the month we give to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering and were challenged to pray about he amount we give. Lottie served as a missionary in China for thirty-nine years and would divide her few rations of food with her Christian friends when the famine hit. They sent her home to America and the captain of the ship carried her off it in his arms because she was too weak to walk. She weighed fifty pounds.

Before Brother Bobby preached Mary McCormick brought the special music.

After Brother Bobbys message he led in the observance of the Lords Supper. He always adds to the beauty of the service.

Christine Bates had special company with her at church, her brother and his wife from North Carolina.

Sarah and Roy Ramsey are back at home in Florida after a visit with her sister and her husband, Nancy and Bill Dewbre in New Albany. Nancy said they had such a good time just being together, the Parks cousins get together was a fun time and Sarah was here at the peak of the changing of leaves. I think that is one of the things Sarah misses most about Mississippi, the fall colors.

Robbie Ash had all of her family with her on Thanksgiving day. She said it is not hard to get her family together because they live nearby.

Allethia Coffey had supper with Mike, Nina and family.

Doryce Moore cooked for her son, Jay and his wife. Just as they sat down to the table her phone rang. She answered it, her grand children from Texas were calling but she told them shed call back as soon as they ate because they were seated and ready to have the blessing.

John Jim and Mary Bonds, B. J. and Sue Harvey and Tom and Marijon Bates went to eat turkey and the trimmings with Gary and Martha Bonds.

Geraldine Coffey had all her family present for the noon meal.

The Traveling Johnsons, Earl and Carol visited their grandson, Ray and his family in New Mexico.

I am always glad to see out students home for the holidays. Joshua McCormick was home from Mississippi College and sang in our choir. He told me he was debating again this year. In fact, he said he is in a tournament this week so Ill be glad to know how that turns out. Haley Coffey is usually home on weekends from Northeast. Hunter Irvin was smiling because MS State won Friday.

Cris Wait is a State alumnus and is always pulling for them to win, whoever they play.

At one of our church parties last year husbands and wives were asked the same question but were kept apart. Cris was asked what TV station they watched the most and he readily said, ESPN. When his wife Phyllis was asked the same question she said, ESPN. With two sons, sports are an important part of their TV watching.

I wondered if Joe and Helen Browning and their granddaughters had the traditional turkey or some Cajun cooking. He told me that is what he misses most since they moved here, Louisiana Cajun cooking.

Camille, Tahya and I met Candy in Hamilton, AL and I went with Candy to spend the holiday with the Pattersons. I couldnt believe Ginna Bess was talking so well. She celebrated her second birthday and that was quite a party. When she would open a present, especially a toy she wanted to play with it right then and didnt understand why she couldnt. If the package contained clothing she thought she should wear it then.