Etta News 12/05/07

The beginning of the month has brought some gloomy weather outside. We can still be grateful for the good warm atmosphere on the inside. It is not so pleasant for the workers who has to get out so early to head out to their jobs.

One good thing about that is the good roads to travel on and the good cars to

get there in and not out in the weather. In past years I can remember those

muddy roads would get frozen up and what a bumpy ride to get to school and

church. That was about all the places there was not like it is now with all the public work places and so many traveling to their work.

It was a good day at church Sunday regardless the cool foggy day because our

regular members who had been out so long with surgery was able to be back in

their pew even though partially crippled from her surgery of loosing part of her foot. It was so good for Phyliss Gates and her mother Pat to get back after all they had gone through with. They were so thankful for all the prayers, cards and food Everybody has been so good. Even people she did not know who they were. People are wonderful.

Robert and Joyce Wroten from Ark. was back home visiting with her mother Denia Bolen over the weekend. Hope they get back home safely.

So glad Elsie Wallace has finally gotten some relief from all the pains that she has suffered with so long after the surgery the doctor did for her. Get well wishes go out to Gloria Scott , who is not up to par now. She had surgery last week. Also to Tom Hare who spent a few days in the hospital again.

Winford and Elaine Hudson visited with this writer Sunday afternoon but had to get back to Tupelo for their church service early Sunday night. They couldn’t stay too late but it sure was an enjoyable evening making the day a little brighter for me. They had not forgotten my birthday and hoped I would have many more. The beautiful bouquet and pretty balloon Shelby brought to me saying Happy Birthday from all of us. It was a star shaped balloon in different colors and was very pretty so thanks goes out to “All of Us” who had a part in it. The all of us was from Kris, Jennifer and Hannah.

June and James Royce Jumper missed church at Salem Sunday as they went to Bill and Becky Beavers church for their Christmas Program in his church. Charles and Judy went to The Orchard for a special program being the church 6th anniversary.

So sorry to hear of the fatal accident that Bobby Ann McCallum was involved in. Sympathy goes out to her friends and relatives.

Shelby enjoyed the breakfast at Union Hill Sunday morning that the men’s club was providing for the wives as guests. Tom was not able to make it. She went on anyway and enjoyed the fellowship meal. On the way home she stopped and had a short visit with Mrs. Virgie Potts. She is doing good and just glad to be able to be home.

Tommy, Debbie and Morgan had a little guest this weekend. Debbie’s granddaughter, Kinsley. She enjoyed watching and playing with ornaments as Debbie and Morgan decorated the tree.

The beginning of December we know that Christmas is not for away and it will be a sad and lonely on for many families.