Ingomar School News 12/05/07

Hello Everybody. I’m beginning to warm up to my new post as High School reporter and I want to thank everyone who has been a help to me or encouraged me. There’s not enough room to fit them all in this article. Last week mostly consisted of busy students getting ready for the Reading Fair. The kids put a lot of hard work into their projects. The winners for the individual projects are by grade and are as follows: Kindergarten- first place Cadie Gates, second place Carrie Rakestraw, third place Katelyn Freeman, Honorable Mention Luke Roberts; First Grade- first place Andrew Massengill, second place Carley Hall, third place Cassie Ward, honorable mention Katelyn Jolly; Second Grade- first place Lauren Gooch, second place Olivia McCord, third place Thomas Wall, honorable mention Morgan Nance; Third Grade- first place Zack High, second place Anna Kate Stanford, third place Cody Bedford, honorable mention Calub Merrit; Fourth-Fifth Grade- first place Lauren Watson, second place Abby Robbins, third place Lily Grace Minor, honorable mention Erin Wall; Sixth-Eighth Grade- first place Cason Robbins, second place Molly Hale, third place Chandler Thompson, honorable mention Wynn Floyd; Ninth-Twelfth Grade- first place Kasey Krocker, second place Crystal McKee, third place Tyler Jackson, honorable mention Jacob Lemmons.

The group winners are divided into grades and are as follows: Kindergarten-Third grade- first place Jill Deaton’s Kindergarten class, second place Madison Bishop and Easton Williams, third place Megan Denton and Allie Williams, honorable mention Ross Sprouse and Jake Webb; Fourth-Eighth Grade- first place Laura Hogue and Allison Buckeridge, second place Addison Carter and Chandler Gates, third place Tyler Dowdy and Blake Rhea, honorable mention Beth Boyd Class; Ninth-Twelfth Grade- first place Samantha Wood, Suzanne Hill and Chelsea Daniel, second place Santana Taylor, Delia Turner and Hannah Swords, third place Min Jung, and Kayla Gregory, honorable mention Laken Potts, Kandis Thompson and Audrey Bryant.

The family project winners are as follows: Kindergarten-Third Grade- first place Keri and Kaci Deaton, second place Cheyenne Childers, third place Maggie and Tyson Smith, honorable mention Wade Floyd; Fourth-Eighth Grade first place Heather Gammell, second place Macy Kirk, third place Bailey Thompson and Cassie Thompson, Honorable mention Ethan Taylor. We are very proud of all the students and the hard work that went into their projects. We would like to give an enormous thank you to Mrs. Windy Faulkner for coordinating this event.

Monday, Dec. 3, the PTO hosted the Santa Store for students in Pre-K through Sixth grade to come buy their friends and family presents. They sold around 2500 items. Mrs. Rose Weeden was the chairperson for the event and put lots of hard work into it. The St. Jude Mathathon was Tuesday, Dec. 4 for LINK (Lively Innovative Network of Kids) class, which is for second-sixth grade. On Wednesday, Dec. 5. The Ingomar junior high basketball team played East Union at 9 a.m. This week has been quite a celebratory week for Ingomar due to homecoming festivities. The homecoming days are as follows: Monday- Nerd Day, Tuesday Color War Day, Wednesday Tacky Day, Thursday Dress Up Day, Friday Spirit/Homecoming tee shirt day.

There will be a day program as a preview for homecoming on Thursday, Dec. 6 at 9:10 a.m. Parents are welcome! This event is sponsored by the student council. The King and Queen will remain secret until Homecoming night on Friday, Dec. 7. The homecoming court members are as follows: Whitney Hall, Brittni Gilliam, Brittany Tanner, Molly Speck, Cecily Cossitt, ben Dixon, Kagan Doom, Kyle Heard, Jared Carter and Tony Golding. We would like to give Mrs. Roben Denton and Mrs. Jennifer Nance a big thank you for all of their hard work that went into this event. There will be a game against Hickory Flat after the Homecoming festivities.

Although this can be a hectic and stressful time, we must remember to honor God’s will for our life and serve Him. John 12:26 says, “if any man serves me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will (my) Father honour.”

That’s all I have for you from Ingomar. I hope everyone has a great week!