New Albany Middle School News 12/05/07

Last week we had a basketball game. The 7th grade girls didnt play, but the remaining teams did. The 7th grade boys and 8th grade girls won, and the 8th grade boys played really hard, but came up short. Congrats on the games, and good luck to you on the remaining games!

Last week we had a soccer game. The girls won 1-0, and the boys won 2-0. The soccer team did a really good job, so give them a round of applause, and the best of luck to you on the remaining season!

Our Student Council is doing a project for the school to all participate. The project is called Turkey Legs! You have the choice of three mysterious legs on a turkey instead of normal legs. What you have to do is vote with money for your best legs, and those legs will receive a turkey for the holidays. The votes are very simple: a penny is one vote, a dollar is 100 votes, and so one. All the money that we raise will go to the janitorial staff. Try to raise as much money as you can!

Our National Junior Honors Society is having a fundraiser. They are taking money so that they can give it to good cause, so if you have any money, please give it to the cause. Also, National Honor Society members remember, you need to get your fees in soon. The fees are $5, and you also have to raise $2 for the cause, so get busy!

Well, that is it for this week! It is short again, but you need to send me news so that I can post it! Exams are on their way, so do a good job on that.

Have a good day and remember YOU CANT HIDE THAT BULLPUP PRIDE!!!