New Century Club November meeting

The New Century Club met for its November meeting in the home of Betty Smith with Betty Inis serving as co-hostess. Members attending were Jean Dillard, Mallie Fitzgerald, Michelle Hagens, Libby Harrison, Anne Holmes, Betty Inis, Marjorie Livingston, Lynn Madden, Mary Tate Pannell, Gwen Pennebaker, Grace Provence, Angie Quinn, Anna Quinn, Shelia Robbins, Janice Sanders, Betty Smith, and associate member Elizabeth Smith. After being served a lovely dessert plate by the hostesses and having a short business meeting, members were introduced to program leader Grace Provence, who continued the new Century study of women of the Old Testament by reviewing Rehab’s Story by Ann Burton.

In Joshua 2, the reader learns how Rehab, a prostitute, hides two spies sent into Jericho by Joshua and how, when Jericho is taken by the Israelites, Rehab and her family are spared because of her helpfulness. Ann Burton researches her books thoroughly, and, as a result, she takes an already wonderful story and expands it through her imagination without ruining its Biblical truth.

Rehab, the daughter of a rugseller in Canaan, secretly cherishes the Judaism she and her little sister Tezi have been taught by their mother, Jezere. But after her mother’s death, she is driven from her home by her father and an evil stepmother, who falsely accuses her of witchery. In order to survive the merciless streets of Jericho, she becomes a prostitute in The House of Palms. The reader becomes acquainted with the other prostitutes and the hard lives that have led them to prostitution. Rehab keeps her faith alive in the God of Israel in a city that worships Moloch and that believes in the mass sacrifice of children.

When she comes across two Jewish spies, sent to Canaan by Joshua, her life is changed forever. She takes her role in the claiming of the land of Canaan for her mother’s people, the Israelites, and in so doing saves her father and sister and her extended family, the other prostitutes in The House of Palms, from death.

Rehab’s integrity and courage, along with her compassion and understanding for her father, make her a heroine to admire. In Matthew 1, Rehab is listed in the genealogy of Jesus as the mother of Boaz who married Ruth.

In December, the New Century Club will